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Here are a few products that we either make or endorse – every one tried and found very suitable for sweet polo action.

The HorseShoe Disc Brake Guard (NOTE: Currently Unavailable for Purchase)

The thing with disc brakes is this: they are awesome for polo. They work in any weather condition, they stop on a dime, and they are very dependable. The reason you don’t see them all over the polo world? Well, they can get fouled up by errant mallets, T-bones and finger-bits.

Horse, a local Lancastrian and overall problem solving guy, came up with this little number to help protect the rotor and bring joy to polo players everywhere: The HorseShoe.

Made specifically for Polo from 6061  T-6 Aluminum, the 4mm thick HorseShoe is a tough shield for your rotor. Made to fit on any IS mounted front disc brake, it’s quick and easy to get on your bike and just as easy to take off.

While designed for 160 MM rotors, it affords great core protection for larger rotors as well. The design also allows you to remove wheels without having to remove the guard.

At $45 (US) dollars (with US shipping included in that cost), it’s a great way to protect your disc brake and your fellow polo players digits.

Look at some more pics on the Etsy site here.

Burro Bag Wheel Covers

You know, Horse probably could have been a hand model.

Burro Bags makes a great cloth wheelcover  that we were lucky enough to get ahold of here at LCBP before more commercial distribution. We found the Burro Wheelcover to be practical, effective, and downright professionally created down to the last stitch.

Made of thick canvas-esque cloth, the wheel covers do not suffer in the least for being cloth. They attach to themselves using velcro (making it a matter of seconds to pull them off or put them on), and can be removed if you’re lucky enough to pedal to your polo grounds.

At $60.00 (US), I can say without a doubt they are worth it. They hold up well and everyone who bought one when they first came out is still using them happily today.

Check out our initial review  or our review after 5 months. If you’re interested in purchase, visit the link at the beginning of this section to visit Burro Bags page.

Bern Watts Helmet

Bern Helmets have become a standard in the bike polo world, particularly the Bern Watts -  and for good reason: they are lightweight, fit amazingly well and are all around hipster approved.

Having moved from a skate helmet to this hardhat, I can say that I only notice I’m wearing it when I fall – and then I’m damned thankful I have it covering my noggin. The visor does provide some sun protection, the ventilation is superior and the moisture wicking material inside works pretty well.

The price is anywhere from $45 on ebay to $60-$70 from retailers, but with such an important piece of equipment, the price is really nominal.

Capable of being equipped with cold weather ear flaps or left vanilla for the summer, the Bern Watts has yet to disappoint.

Fixcraft Unibody Mallet Heads

It’s Fixcraft. It’s UHMW lathed out. It’s Fixcraft. Why haven’t you stopped reading to buy it yet?

The Fixcraft Unibody Heads came out in the first half of 2012 and are, frankly, outstanding. Horse tested one of these bad boys out (read the review here) before they were released and he is still using that head today. That’s how good it is, folks.

Light, amazingly durable, and dead accurate with shots, all three Unibody heads offer up some professional level performance that won’t quit. I won’t be surprised when these become standard equipment for bike polo players.

Buy one and thank me later.

Creamy Mallet Shafts

Chris Arena sent me a few of these beauties to review and I gotta say, the shaft was just the bees knees. Somewhere between the strength of the Fixcraft LT pole and the lightness of a Northern Standard shaft, the Creamy mallet shaft is certainly worth a gander if you really want to get the best of lightness and strength. The price is right, the quality is high, and you can legitimately keep saying “creamy” without people thinking you’re losing your mind.

Check them out here.

 Northern Standard Gold Shaft

I picked up one of these as a test (the lightest shaft around?! Say whaaat?!) and wasn’t disappointed. I think the shaft in the shipping box weighed less than some mallets I’ve swung around.

Made by Canadians, the gold shaft has alot more bend to it than the ski poles you’re used to. While this may throw off a few heavy hitting players (read: people who bend their mallets over the front wheel or a goalpost), I’ve found that my mallet has survived nearly six months now with only a few dings and dents.

If you’re concerned about weight, this is the shaft for you.

Check it out here

Want us to try out/review your polo products? leave a comment with your email addy and we’d be happy to arrange some shenanigans.


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