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These are the bikes of Lancaster United. As I get info from the owners I’ll post specifics about the bikes, and perhaps some more of our beauties will appear. Until that time, enjoy:

Blake used to have an Urbis, until a head-on with the boards made his top and down tubes more wrinkly than Lindsay Lohans Labia. Now he rocks the beefed up Urbis NOX. Its higher bb and steeper front end make it a sharp turning polo beast. The blue Selle Italia Flight makes it sexy.

Finally…andy has a proper polo bike. Second hand Kona Paddywagon with 26″ wheels, a super sarxy Brooks saddle and an Avid Disc Brake, this thing turns on a dime and suits his style of play. A definite upgrade from his previous experiments!

Torker u-district, mostly stock, 42×20, stub stem, lock on grips.

Horse’s All City Dropout got a fresh coat of powder. Chukkers laced to All City Sheriff/XT hubs, Stylo crank, Thomson stem, and eggbeaters. Its almost too pretty for his fat ass.

Fixcraft HV1 prototype. Brooks saddle, Oury grips, Fixcraft prototype 48 disc hubs, Rino Lite rims, 36 tooth Profile and 22 tooth White freewheel. It just makes me happy thinking about it.








Kyle replaced his destroyed polo bike with this beautiful MKE Bruiser. After picking it up from Brad at Urban Velo, he upgraded with some new 160mm cranks, 31.8 bars cut down way too short on a Hussefelt stem with a semi functioning front 990 brake. Velocity Deep V’s front and rear, and still fixed gear.  Selle Concor Light under the ass,  Fixcraft top tube pad under the balls,  and HoldFast foot retention.

Bike Polo

The new polo rig is a $50 Jamis Dragon, spotted by the wise edlers of polo at the spring VeloSwap. It fits me better than my first ill-advised craigslist purchase, (and it should, since this time i actually LISTENED to a recommendation instead of setting out to prove it wrong) and hopefully will allow me to cause even more crashes and Taco

Ted’s Redline Urbis. Upgraded the front disc brake to a BB7, added an ugly seat and egg beaters. New Nox fork on the way, to steepen up the front end a bit.

From Trace: Cheap but very effective 54cm Windsor Timeline frameset. Removed stock fork and replaced with ‘cross fork to run v-brakes. Rear wheel is a Surly flip/flop hub with 16t Dura-Ace track cog. Front wheel is from the 90′s and has a measly 18 spokes (by design not by neglect) so it is vital that it dons a wheel cover! Crankset is a burly (read heavy) Truvativ with a 33t ring and guard. The pièce de résistance is my original Turbo saddle from long-long ago. I am a recent convert to playing polo fixed, and am relishing the ability to roll slightly backwards right into the path of an unsuspecting opponent, thus thwarting their forward movement. My rear wheel does not think so highly of this maneuver, and yes, the wheel is an animate object, along with all the other parts on my steed. It is complicated. (Also a shout-out to BikeSnob: how is this disembodied arm?)

Yeagers frankenstein started as a Raleigh mountain bike with some weird tube bonding/lugwork going on. I think most of our club fully expected this to blow apart after a few games, and two years later, its still going strong. Burro Bags wheelcover, and some Cane Creek brakes. Pretty simple, simply getting the job done.



Darby’s polo contraption started as Andy’s East Coast Chopper. Redline Monocog frame with some suspension corrected fork, and a gearing so small a hamster would spin out of gear. It works for him, surprisingly well. Must be all those hours in the field.

Lumberjacks bike probably has a bunch of awards credited to it from back in the day. People don’t ride Specialized SWorks stuff because they suck. Top that off with a two decade old Lemond saddle and a Crossmax front rim with all of the ceramic worn off…and you’ve got a strangely effective polo machine. He also insists on running his chain as loose as mechanically possible.

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  1. Nanaimo Hardcourt says:

    srsly? drive side out, foool.

  2. Carter standish says:

    Hi its Carter, i was thinking about making a mallet of my own. For that where could i get the cheapest ski pole? Also where should i get the gas pipe? The last thing is would i be better off with this: http://www.cyclingcloseouts.com/Products/Eighthinch-Hardcourt-Polo-Mallet-Kit__eighthinch_mallet_kit.aspx? Its a nice looking mallet by eighth inch. If you want to know more about it there is a video on youtube.

    Thanks, Carter

    • Crusher says:

      Hi Carter,
      You have a lot of options for making mallets. If you go to some ski shops they’ll sell you used ski poles for cheap (I’d also recommend checking out the Salvation army and Goodwill for ski poles).

      The Gas Pipe is a little trickier, but you could go with a pre-made mallet head from Eigthinch or Fixcraft.

      Either way, try to find the one that saves you the most money as is easiest to come by. In the end, the mallet you make should be the one that is most useful for you.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Carter standish says:

    Ok. Should i use a capped mallet or the non-capped mallet thats on fixcraft?

    • Crusher says:

      Totally your choice – I just started using a single capped one and I think it makes your shots a bit more accurate, but Kyle doesn’t use any caps and he’s a lot more accurate than I am. I think you would be safe getting a single end capped and then (if you don’t like it) you can just use the other open side or you can cut off the cap.

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