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Alright, Listen Here, Snow.

mean looking woman

The last time I had this much time away from polo, my heart was trying to kill me.

The time before that, my knee tore apart (but  I got a puppy out of it so I’m not even really counting that one).

But now, now that I can ignore my knee and medicate my heart, you come along, Mother Nature, and snow up the whole mid-state.

Knock. It. Off.

out of caveI don’t know if you know this, but I’m really not that good at bike polo–I kinda need to “use it or lose it,” as the hip kids say. I know they don’t say that, weather, shut up.But you’re coming around so often that I’m forgetting what it’s like to even hit the ball. WHICH END DO YOU HIT THE BALL WITH?! IS IT THE POINTY END?

By the time Spring rolls around in June, I’ll probably not know how to ride a bike anymore. I’ll be pale and jelly-like and confused as to why people are calling me Crusher.

So you just knock it the hell off, winter. I didn’t care before but now I’ve got to play bike polo and you’re messing it all up.

Alternately, anyone know of an indoor rink?