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Warhorse Overstock Sale!


NOTE: THIS OVERSTOCK SALE IS OVER. All stock is now gone out to little polokins around the US of A and beyond.

Horse recently found a lost box of V1 Warhorse Disc Guards while cleaning his sex dungeon garage. These anodized black V1 guards are on sale now for the low, low price of $25.00 USD, including hardware and US shipping (overseas shipping should inquire via email at warhorsebikepolo@gmail.com). V1 is slightly less universal than V2: while it still fits about 90% of disc fork/caliper configurations, some fitments may require a slight modification to the guard. This easy modification can be done in minutes with a Dremel, grinder, or hand file. Fear not! See the image below for modifications needed for some bikes/brakes.

warhorse cuts

WarHorse Polo Guard Pre-Sale

photo 1

NOTE: Once again, the 30 that Horse had up for pre-sale are now gone. If you’re still interested, contact Horse (Matt Krofcheck) over Facebook.

Horse is Making More WarHorse disc Guards:

for $38.99 USD you get:

  • 160mm disc guard
  • Caliper guard
  • Mounting hardware

This is the V1 of the Warhorse, but it gives you an idea of the look





It fits most IS front disc brakes, comes in powdercoated black, and sold out the first time Horse did a pre-sale in a matter of a few days. He’s changed the design just a bit to allow for easier mounting, a lighter product, and a bigger caliper guard so you can make adjustments on the fly.

AND YOU’D BETTER HURRY, FRIEND-O: this is a very limited run, so there isn’t much room for dragging your feet.