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Pads make polo more dangerous.

Yeah, you read that right. And now you’re all…

here’s a scenario – two players of equal ability are going for a 50/50 ball. player A is wearing whatever he had on all day plus a helmet, player B looks like he’s ready to go head to head with optimus prime. Both players want the ball an equal amount but one of them is willing to take a greater risk to make the play. Player B is willing to enter that situation at a faster speed and is less concerned about crashing.

The problem is, when and if that crash occurs, it will most likely affect both players. So should less-padded player A just back off a little because more of his/her skin & bones are at risk of meeting a hard surface? Logic says yes, and that’s where we’d have to get into the mental gymnastics of how different personalities would react to the same situation. Read more

Broken Lumberjacks, Mind Numbing Goals, and Sunshine (oh my!)

Being Jewish, there is really only one thing for me to look forward to on Sunday, and that’s a hefty helping of bike polo.

And let me tell you friends, bike polo this Sunday was oober funtimes USA. The weather was very agreeable for late January ( I think it was tipping around 40), the games were fun, and it was laughter and rainbows all around.

Well, for the most part. Poor Lumberbach got tangled up with Skeletor and isn’t going to feel so spectacular tomorrow. Besides that little incident, however, the day was pain free.

Here are just a few pics I took of the festivities :

Overall, it was just a blast of a day. We had a GoPro available to us, and I’m sure whenever Horse gets that video up and ready we’ll be able to relive the fun all over the interwebs together!

2012 London Invitational Video: Nice Touch vs L’equipe

The fellas at Sao Paulo Bike Polo posted this video from the recent London Invitational. Thought I’d spread the love.

London Invitational 2012 – Nice Touch vs L’équipe from Uolmo on Vimeo.

Milk Mallets by Geneva Bike Polo

Came across a lovely post by Polo-Velo-Bloomington on a new mallet head design from Geneva. The author of the article is quite taken with the design, which in thier own words:

“The boys from Geneva have created what i consider the most advanced mallet head to date. Now, if you think that looks a helluva lot like the Milwaukee heads sold at Benscycle, you’d be right, but the Geneva guys even say (here) that they learned of the material and were inspired by the MKE mallets. But whereas the MKE heads are lathed UHMW tubing, the MILK heads are CNC’d UHMW rod.”

The cost  is really high ($25 for the mallet, $25 for the shaft), but I thought I’d point it out as there is a video and interesting schematics.

I don’t know if I’d lay down $50.00 (plus shipping) to try these out, but it seems like the good folks at Bloomington are planning to – I’ll keep track of what their experience is.

This new offering points to (again) the increasing effort by multiple groups to come up with pre-fab equipment. I think 10 years down the line all the new polokins will laugh at us for ever getting ski shop reject poles and mallet head material from…other sources.

I’m not trying to get on the high horse about the subject, but I think this is a very good sign. The arguement can exist that we need to keep polo down to its DIY roots – but all sports that sustained themselves started with home made equipment and then moved to specifically designed, more specialized material.

What do you cats think of 1. this particular mallet and 2. the ever expanding market for mallet heads/poles/etc.?

A New Bike Polo Video

Unedited – Unscripted. Full of wind noise. Like the Girls Gone Wild videos but in 20 degree weather and you don’t hate yourself afterward.

And Gene’s singing. That’s not on those girl videos either.

Short v Long Mallets: a Study

3 mallet

Let’s just get this out of the way right early in the post: I will not make any jokes about male anatomy. I am discussing bike polo mallets and that’s that. If you’re looking for a bunch of cheap suggestive innuendo, read a Better Homes and Gardens article.

There has been some discussion in the past about the regulation of length in polo mallets. The consensus, as far as my myopic eyes have seen, is that polo mallet length won’t be standardized anytime soon (unlike lacrosse mallets which are a regulation size, for instance).

So it comes down to personal preference – which is true of most things in this sport. Granted, you don’t see tricycles being used in the sport, but I think it would take at least a few games before anyone told little Timmy Trike that his ride wasn’t kosher. Far removed is the length of the mallet you use: Trace, for instance, uses a mallet that is probably up to my chest (I know, not saying much there, but all the same). I’ve started using longer mallets, whereas Kyle uses a shorter build.

While this does all come down to what you find works best for your game, I think there are some inherent qualities between short and long mallets: Read more

Hamburg Bike Polo Video


There is some classy mallet work going on in this vid:

Shut up and play POLO! from Bike Polo Hamburg on Vimeo.

Stellar Post from Cosmic Bike Polo

I just came across this great article posted on Cosmic Bike Polo wherein William Jr. from Call Me Daddy discusses his past bikes and the reason he felt the need to have a custom frame built. While it is a bit tongue-in-cheek, the introduction illustrates something I find to be quite true:

“Like the brave Victorian souls at the forefront of mountaineering, bike polo players are looking beyond available resources to design the equipment they need at the top level of competition. Whether it be helmets, frames, wheels, or gloves, we have made-do since the beginning. We’re predicting this year will be a sea change.”

The article goes on with William explaining what he looks for in a polo bike, the difference he finds a bike to make and some lovely pictures to boot.

Anyway, the article is here and I highly recommend giving it a read.

Capped Mallets

Post by Horse

Having recently started playing with a capped mallet (1side), it makes total sense now why I see so many people at tourneys using single or double sided caps.   The whole scoop pass/ball joint craze seems to have died off, so the need for a big, open-ended mallet has died off with it.
I didn’t really anticipate it making that much of a difference in my play, but it is almost night and day when it comes to shooting on goal.   Really, when you think about it…that makes perfect sense too.  A wide flat surface is going to give you a lot more positive contact than an edge of an uncapped mallet head.   (this reminds me of those awesome Goodyear AquaTred tires from the 90’s, so maybe an uncapped mallet would give you great traction in water…)
Your shots will be more accurate, more powerful, and more predictable.
The only drawback that I’ve noticed is a slight weight increase and I seem to break more balls, though the last one could be due to the cold weather.. I’m not sure.

Caps are $4.99 from Benscycle.com

or 14.99 for a fused capped head from St. Cago (fixcraft.com)

Next time you build a mallet, see what you think!

Takao Cup Hardcourt Polo Championship

Here’s a little video from our friends across the Pacific. Be warned: epic music and an early paper plate toss or some such. Around 4 minutes there is a freestyle intermission. Different cultures, man – just let it happen and enjoy the experience.