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Interview With The Organizer: California Ladies Bike Polo Summit

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I had the good fortune of interviewing Christine C. about the upcoming Ladies Bike Polo Summit, which has not only a women’s only tourney, but also a co-ed bench tournament. I asked her a few questions about the tourney and the ideas behind it. 

So! Where did the idea for this tourney come from?

This tourney started with a simple picture of what we are doing in our city.  We play with the Davis Bike Polo crew Tues., Thurs., and Sundays.  Our courts are about 15 minutes from each other so although we are 2 clubs, we really support and play with each other.  In November, Jennifer Kutzleb (a fellow previous polo wife like myself) got on a bike, grabbed a mallet and started recruiting more women to show up to polo on Sunday’s.  Within a couple weeks we had over a dozen ladies learning about polo and playing. (see attached pic.) We posted a picture on FB and other ladies in the community started to talk.  Mel Brocious from LA suggested we put together a mini boot camp and the idea just took off!  I tagged a couple of local slayers in the comments (Sam Bell!!!) and the ball just started rolling on it’s own.

This is described as a boot camp for Ladies Army–why is that?

trixies2 (1)Although billed as a boot camp, I really am considering this to be a social summit of sorts.  A chance for ladies to network, get to know each other and control the pace of the tournament. This will also allow ladies traveling to Toronto an opportunity to practice (some for the first time as a team.) So far I have been contacted by ladies from East Van, Toronto, New York, Uruguay and Geneva.  WE’VE GONE INTERNATIONAL!

 What’s the schedule look like, and how is the rest of the polo scene around there responding?

ladypolo (1)We will be playing day one in Folsom CA (a suburb of Sacramento) on Saturday.  The courts in Folsom are AMAZING and will be the home to this years SW qualifier. Sunday we will be heading over to Davis to finish up the lady brackets then get in a co-ed bench.  We have SO much support from the men on our scene!  They are grocery shopping and cooking for all us ladies  :)  We figured we’d let the men slay with us since they are just as excited about all of our visitors as we are. It has been an amazing journey for both of our clubs to incorporate so much camaraderie and equality.  It has been one of the greatest things I personally have ever been a part of.
This tourney will be the first of this kind in our city and we hope to create such a buzz that we can bid to hold Ladies Army 7 here!!!

270ish Pictures of Eastside Thaw

Eastside Thaw  (137)

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, except for this little ditty here: great time, great people, great experience. Had a lot of great conversations with cool cats and I hope to make some new super polo buddies from this.

I am so lonely…

Anyway, here’s your heaping spoonful of imagery: Read more