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Your Snowed-In Survival Kit

survival kit

Looking out my window, I can tell this snow storm is a survival situation. If you’re anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic to New England, chances are you’re in the same frozen boat that I am in : the snow is building up, the car is disappearing under it, and your supply of whiskey is concerningly low not that you’re looking at it so early in the morning, right? 

But if my stint in the Boy Scouts and half-hearted prepper-of-a-boss have taught me anything, it’s the indomitable spirit of survival-ism. So I’m here to make sure all of us locked in at home/at work make it through this beauty of a snowstorm by using the



Item 1: Videos

When you open your kit, you’ll first find some tried and true cures for being stuck inside: The following Mr. Do Videos, which will more than likely take some of the strain off:

World Class Polo: http://mrdovideo.com/2013/10/world-class-polo/ 

Ladies Army 3 Final Game: http://mrdovideo.com/2013/10/ladies-army-3-final-game/

North Americans 2013, Beavers Vs. Guardians: http://mrdovideo.com/2013/10/the-final-showdown-beavers-vs-guardians/ 

MREItem 2: Articles To Chew On

So the videos didn’t keep you as warm as you were expecting, huh? Well, looks like it’s time to go a little deeper into the survival kit. Why not spend some time reading about the sport.

Heck, if you can’t play it but can’t stop thinking about it, why not make yourself a little more heady about the subject and impress all your friends by being able to cite a blog about the sport? They’ll love that in June when you manage to get yourself shoveled out. These articles, like the finest of MREs, are a mix of sugary sweet, heavy energy, and little bottles of hot sauce that take FOR-EV-ER to open and really don’t have quite enough in them, do they?

The Sugar

I Made Bike Polo Memes

More Meme Mashup

The Bike Polo Dictionary

16 Signs You’re Turning Into A Bike Polo Player

The Protein

Get Better At Fast Shots And Bad Passes

Stop Thinking About Goals

Bike Polo Pregame Warm-ups

Tips to Become a Bike Packing Guru

The Unidentifiable Package Inside the MRE You’re Going to Eat Anyway  All Kinds of Polo

50 Shades of Ruben, Vol 10

 A Message From MalletHeadz

crumbsThe Bottom Of The Pack

What? It’s still snowing? Well, I didn’t want to break this out, but I will if you’re down to the last thread of survival: the LOBP forums.

May God Have Mercy On Your Soullllssssss

No, but really. If you need to take up the rest of your life time, hopping into the forums and just disagreeing with some people is a great way to take up six hours or so. That should see you through: https://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/active