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Buying a Complete Mallet – Next Step?

St. Cago does it, Magic does it, MILK does it with their sexy mounting system,  and pretty soon (I suspect), everyone is going to do it.

They’re gonna do it real good.

Buying a complete mallet from a company first struck me as a waste of money and of the personal enjoyment of building your own whacking stick. After thinking about it, though, I have come to the completely subjective opinion that the built mallet for purchase is a logical step and more than likely one that will expand quite a bit in the coming years.

I’m trying to look at it through a historic lens of supply and demand.

Essentially, people create the things they need from whatever they have (demand), eventually smarter people realize they could turn a buck, and they begin making the specific material the first set of people want to purchase (supply), and then those people use that material to create the things they need.

Example: people build dwellings out of local timber, mud, and bear shit. Eventually a general store opens that sells hammers, nails, and bear shit at a modest fee for people to purchase. Home builders are still doing the work themselves, but they are getting a better quality home.

But then the consumers get lazy, and the suppliers get sharp. Suppliers begin offering not only the parts you need to create that house, but the entire house! Now you don’t even need to swing a hammer!

And so it goes with most everything in a consumer culture, and so it will go with mallet making.

Clearly I’d be a fool to think that the purchase of just mallets or just heads will go away (ok – I am a fool, but not because I think that). The way I see it, companies will either begin manufacturing their own mallets that can be cut to size by the polo player or they will make arrangements with other polo making companies to buy heads at bulk and offer them up as part of the deal. This happens a lot in Lacrosse, and I imagine in other sports too. A supply culture will begin to exist between polo making companies, and that will lead to a more unified force in creating bike polo equipment, which will make for better equipment. Capitalism at its finest.

So don’t be so incredulous when you see more companies like St. Cago or Magic offering pre-built mallets for our sport. It’s just the next step.

You Can Start Breathing Now – St. Cago HAS Been Sold!

Lucky just posted this over on the LOBP (all hail):

It’s a done deal! The new owners of St Cago Polo Works are Andrew and Eric of Miami Bike Polo.

They are enthusiastic polo players who were already making mallets for people with the same attitude I had about it, I.E. If you don’t have the time/skills, or want a consistent product, use mine. If you want to make your own, jedi-knight-style, go for it. No hard feelings. A couple of modest, handy guys who want to contribute to the sport in the way they can. Look for them at tournaments all over. They’ve got plans!

So, at the end of March, they’re coming up to Chicago to get the parts and tools and the run down on how the magic happens. After that, they’re out of the nest and flying on their own. Look for lots of St Cago heads and brake levers to hit the market around tournament season this year. Hopefully, new products (or at least a quicker email response time) will follow.

So it seems we’ll have some light, good quality mallet heads still available, they’ll just smell like sun-tan lotion and old people.

Best of luck you Andrew and Eric – I’m excited to try out your first batch of products!

And Lucky – damn fine run you had. My favorite mallet head to date is the St. Cago.

St. Cago Polo Works for Sale: My World Destroyed.

So I just started using a St. Cago mallet head last night, and I fell in love with it. I imagined myself at the Universe Polo Championship – elegantly gliding past my competition and making amazing shots with the lightweight, well crafted St. Cago as my weapon of choice.
But much like my other childhood dream of growing taller than 5’4″, it was not to be.

A post from the League of Bike Polo (ALL HAIL) announced that the St. Cago Mallet Works operation was for sale:

I am going to make one last huge batch of heads and try to push out more brake levers for y’all this winter. After that, I would like to be done. Other concerns have taken priority. But I would like to see the little polo company I started live on. Ideally, the buyer should be an active player, mechanically able, and design savvy, such that you can keep up with demand for the already developed products and try to add to the catalog as new ideas develop while the game evolves.

While I certainly respect the decision, I’m concerned about the future of this wonderful little operation. My only hope is that someone in the Lancaster United group buys it and gives me all the mallets I could ever want (looking at you, Lumberbach – you already work out of a basement anyway).

As the paragraph above points out, there will be one last big push before he effectively shuts down operation, and I highly recommend you grab a couple of his products before who-knows-what happens.

Do I think I’ll be S.O.L. on a lightweight, pre-capped option for long? No, no I certainly do not. Just the way the sport is right now suggests that someone else will spring up (either by buying St. Cago Polo Works (Lumberbach)) or another company will come up with a similiar mallet head.

At any rate, it’s sad to see St. Cago – as it is currently – going away. Just when I was getting into that jawn piece.