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Equipment Check: Portland Bike Polo Mallet Head

The folks over at Portlandbikepolo.com┬áhave had this little beauty out fora little while now, but I haven’t been able to get my little paws on it until just recently.

The design comes from Sasha Friedman who, as a mechanical engineering student, wanted to use some classroom know how in the real world. The result was this mallet head.

A few little details before I get on to the mallet itself: I reached out to the makers via email and they were quick to respond and super fast on shipping, so if you’re living on the East Coast (or, as I shall now refer to it, the Beast Coast), you needn’t worry about waiting around

for it to arrive (or poor communication via the seller).

Now then!

How it Came.
The Mallet head itself comes by itself without any stickers, hardware, or packaging. I appreciate this. The website claims the mallet head weighs about 95 grams undrilled,

and as you can see from my own weight measurements, they are pretty close to the mark (I can’t say as though I 100% trust my scale, either, so give or take 10 grams and I’ll call it fair.

It has a thicker lip on the open end and a band about an inch wide in the middle for better securing of the mallet head to a shaft.

If you want the backstory to the mallet, peek over here.

How it Built. Read more