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Announcing the “Living the Dream” Contest Winner(s)


Let me tell you: this was my favorite Fixcraft/Lancasterpolo contest to date. You guys came out STRONG to enter this contest, and I really loved each and every entry we got. They were clever, funny, heartfelt and goofy. They covered the gamut of artfully done to cheaply made–and that’s exactly what I was hoping for.

Both Sean and I were blown away by how wonderful the results were, and we were overjoyed that you took to it so well. This is the very reason we like running contests, and you’re making sure that each one we run is bigger and better than the last.

When it came down to it, Sean of Fixcraft and I of Lancasterpolo simply couldn’t choose a single winner. There were too many awesome entries. So Sean, in his wisdom, suggested that we award THREE WINNERS! 

1st place : choice of 48 or 36 hole prototype hub

2nd place: choice of any Fixcraft front hub

3rd place: purple tournament head before anyone else

So! Here are your winners of the 2014 “Living the Dream” contest:


3rd place (winning a purple tournament head before anyone else): Gojiii

3rd place Gojiii

2nd place (winning choice of any Fixcraft front hub): iced_by_j:

2nd place iced_by_j

AND THE 1ST PLACE WINNER (winning a choice of 36 or 48 hole prototype hub) is THEHAMMERYALL:

1st place thehammeryall


Congratulations to all three of our winners and to everyone who entered. Honestly–this was an awesome contest with some great entries. Sean and I thank every single one of you who entered. Keep livin’ the dream!



Pictures from Sunday Polo with Special Guests

Here are a few pictures from Sunday Pickup, featuring a few fellows from the ever lovely DC bike polo club and a few new/newer visitors from our own environs.

Oh, and also a picture of Rob B. doing a Bob Hope impression from a while back.