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Northern Standard Enforcer Gloves: Months Later

It’s been a few months since I got a pair of Northern Standard Enforcer Gloves to review courtesy of the crew at Northern Standard, and I’d like to update everyone on how they are doing with pretty constant usage.

First, and most surprising, the little dots of rubbery grip surface haven’t all been pulled off. They’re not even showing a touch of coming apart from the glove itself. I didn’t particularly count on those things lasting more than a few days of play, but so far they’ve done their job and are just as resilient as they were the first day I put the gloves on.

And that’s kind of the trend for the entire “months later” review of these gloves: besides stretching out a bit to fit my hand even more comfortably, they really aren’t showing any sort of wear (or, at least, not nearly as much as I’d expect at this point).

The stitching is all holding up wonderfully, there are no tears, and the palms (while showing some signs of use), are nowhere close to forming holes or even deep wear marks.

One area I was worried about was the carbon palm guard. I thought it would get scratched or cracked, but as you can see, it only has a few scuffs on it. I have to say feeling that piece wrap around the outside of my hand is reassuring, and has more than once absorbed or deflected a strike.

Overall, I can still completely endorse these gloves. Expensive, yes. But I think when 1 year rolls around and I’m still using them, that expense will have evened itself out in both quality and money saved from not buying gloves every 2 months.

Oh – one last thing: stinky sweat glove smell: since the Enforcers have mesh for the sides of all non-outward-facing fingers, it was pretty low to start with. However I did also Febreze the hell out of them one night and hung them up to dry. By the next day they were dry and smelled like rainforest morning, or whatever the hell the bottle said.

Fresh spring mist, maybe. I don’t know. Anyway, they win in regards to smell control as well.