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The NAH Ruleset V3.3: A Review

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I finally had a chance to sit down and read over the newest incarnation of the NAH bike polo rule set, and just to be clear—I want you to imagine me doing so while wearing a fine smoking jacket and with a snifter of brandy in my hand. Let it happen…just let it happen my babies.

Speaking in generalities, I can say that this ruleset didn’t have many surprises in it. We still play on bikes, we still wear helmets, etc. What I did notice, however, was an emphasis on the importance of referees. There is some language that could be deemed ambiguous in the new rule set, but you’ll find—almost always—a passage immediately after indicating that it comes down to the court referee to decide what the rule is and the action to be taken. I enjoyed this, as it gives the refs a bit more importance in the sport and also makes for a more organic game. A document can’t tell what the situation was when making a call, but a person can, and it seems like the V3.3 ruleset takes that into account.

There are a few points I want to touch on and discuss:

Still language about carbon fiber shafts: who is using carbon fiber shafts? I’m serious – get in contact with me. I’ve never seen it.

Mallet Head must be plastic: I didn’t notice this language before, but I’m noticing it now. Not a big deal as everyone is using some sort of plastic head, but I thought it interesting that it was spelled out in this version of the rules (again, maybe it was before, but I don’t remember seeing it).

Majority handedness does the joust. If there is an equal number, coin is flipped to see whether lefties or righties joust: This is bullshit. Listen: if there is an equal number of left handed and right handed players playing, just give it to the lefties. For God’s sake we don’t have that opportunity often! Read more

NAH Ruleset V3.3 is Here – Now With Expected Hipster Fonts!

NAH Ruleset

The NAH has released the ruleset that we’ll be using for the rest of the year – ten pages of rules around ball handling, infractions, equipment, and mallet handling penalties.

I haven’t read it yet, but I wanted to get this quasi press release out quick.

Click here for a link directly to the pdf, and enjoy