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Q Of The Day: What The Hell Is Wrong With You?!


We all enjoy Mr. Do Videos. He clearly loves and understand the sport, making his videos the very best you’ll find on the web for watching the sport, watching highlight reels, or just getting pumped up for a tourney (as I find this video does pretty magnificently). Mr. Do has pretty much made his name synonymous with the filming and producing of bike polo on the web. We all owe him a debt of gratitude and a debt of respect.

And only 50 of you bastards actually went ahead and threw him a bone.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up today to find myself wearing a dress. NOW imagine my surprise after I found out that the time was up for donating money to Mr. Do video with only 50 contributors taking up the call. Fifteen dollars?! You couldn’t just hold off on going out a single night to ensure the very best bike polo videos to watch in the future?! Porque?!

turtleI get it-no, really. You work hard for your money, and it’s yours to spend how ever you want to. He’s going to make videos anyway, so it’s not like you’re going to hurt at all for not helping the man out. So just sit back and enjoy those overpriced coffees, scones, and chocolate-squares-from-fair-trade-New-Guinea you bought for you and your date. Just please turn a camera on them so we can all enjoy it. I’m sure it’s just as thrilling to watch as a Mr. Do video.





Things I’m excited about

There is, occasionally, a very #polowriterproblem when it comes to this blog – there is too much going on and only one of me to talk about it. So, to bring it all together, I’m writing a list of the things I’m excited about right now. Right now, baby.



1. Ladies Army this weekend: no, I couldn’t afford to go, but I’ll be following along on podium and watching live feed action (bikepolo.tv, for the win). That’s just as good, as I can legitimately get drunk in my writer’s aviary and feel like I’m there (in that I’m drunk and considering taking off my shirt).

fixcraft2. Fixcraft’s new line of stuff: the upcoming cleat, the lifeline braking systems/accessories, the new colorful shafts. Sweet God there are just so many things coming out of that place. I’m going to pokemon the hell out of it. I was a touch worried when they missed the “beginning of the season” release of items, but now they are back on their game and showing the world what they can do.

Northern Standard Hourglass (3)3. Shaped Heads: Northern Standard and Modifide are pushing bike polo equipment forward with their new head designs. I’m planning to write up a bit more on this in the future, but what excites me the most is that there is something¬†different.¬†Not better, necessarily, but any experiments in our sport are great–I’m glad they refuse to sit on their haunches.

Mr Do4. Mr. Do: OH MY GOD I JUST LOVE HIM. I’m happy that this site supported him, and I’m happy that you’re now going to go over to his page and donate money to him, to. You can do that right here and right now. 66 hours left. Hop to it.



Crusher Irish and Ted Lancaster United Bike Polo5. Team Scrimmage: I have a team, and we are Scrimmage, and we are going to Flour City (at the very least). It makes me feel good to have two other guys who love the sport as much as I do (and don’t take competition too seriously).