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Yea.  Great.  MKE puts out some cool products, and they’re really dedicated to the polo scene.  I get that.
What I don’t get is hyping a ‘sneak peak’ that is both the crappiest graphic possible, and a full year late.
Here’s what I think they should have posted instead.



DIY or BUY: Are We Losing Something With Commercialization of Bike Polo?

taken from UrbanVelo

Anyone who is actively involved in Bike Polo can tell you it has its roots deep in the ‘Do It Yourself’ movement. Perhaps this is because of the complete lack of commercial equipment found in any home grown sport, but the fact remained that if you wanted a mallet or wheel cover, you had to pretty much know how to do it or find someone local who did.

And I think that’s just swell.

Because of this need to rely on your own (or at the very least another polo player’s) know how, Polo became more than a past-time for players. It became a lifestyle shift. Speaking for myself, I almost never look at a gas station cigarette sign or a length of plastic pipe without wondering how well it would work for polo. Read more