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Cold Sweat, Busted MILKS, Chilly Knees

20130206_215339_resized (1)

Polo last night was exactly what I needed. Fast, intense games with lots of laughing and tequila. There were some one-sided sweeps like when Hylon, Yeager and I completely destroyed Lumberjack, Horse, and Karl (history isn’t written by the winners, guys. It’s written by the guy with a website, ftw). Overall, though, it was just a great night of very competitive games that somehow didn’t come off as overly serious or “tourney practice.”

We did have some frustrations though. For one thing, Lumberjack somehow left one of his mallets – yes, dear reader, the very mallet which had the MILK head I gave him out of the kindness of my heart – at the court last time he played. Well, some crooked bastards found it and decided “how can I make sure that everyone who finds this mallet despairs for the human species” and proceeded to slam it on the ground/run over it/dry hump it into oblivion: 


I mean – come on, man. Come on.

20130206_173820_resizedSurprisingly (or unsurprisingly if you really like MILK heads), Lumberjack was able to use the mallet for the entire night. Even all jacked up like this. Sure, it probably affected his game a little, but I was impressed that, after being assaulted by a deranged walrus, it still managed to work as a decent mallet.


Equipment Check: Milky Goodness


Horse already reviewed this mallet head a month ago while his black beauty was still all shiny and new. He’s all about shiny and new. Me I’m more about dirty, worn and old, because I am. He is also all about numbers, so if you need to know how much this weighs or how many micronanograms long is it, go read his post. I’m just gonna tell you the shit you need to know.

First decision you need to make about this mallet head is cost. No matter how great this head may be, if you have to think about how much to spend on a six pack so your kitty doesn’t have to eat out of your neighbor’s trash, then don’t even consider this mallet. No matter how great it is (and it’s pretty fucking great) that cheap or free material you used to use will still get the job done. Plus you can look down your nose at the chumps who spent all that cheddar on one mallet head and you got yours and had enough left over for many beers.

But if money ain’t no thing for you because you’re making trucker’s pay, then get this mallet. It is without a doubt, the Cadillac of mallets. Super light with no drilling, and it transfers your schwing power to that little ball so so well. I figure it has something to do with this Frenchie CNC engineer guy listed at the bottom of this page.

The mounting system did come loose one time, I added a dab o’ locktite and no further issues.

Plus after a month of play, which for me is roughly 15-20 hours, this head has held up incredibly well. I figure I can probably get another 2 or 3 months out of this position, then if i can get two more rotations out of this head the thing will last almost a year. so when you look at it like that, the pricetag is a little easier to swallow. Especially if you can get your group’s merde together and order a bunch to save on shipping.

pics of the goodness after a month of play…

New Stuff Roundup

The past week has seen two big releases that I’m pretty excited/interested/curious/other synonyms about: The HDPE wheelcover from Fixcraft and the Ninja mallet head from MILK.

HDPE Wheelcover

image from www.fixcraft.net

This little beauty uses HDPE and thins it out for wheel covers. I haven’t had the chance to use this material yet, but according to the Fixcraft website and facebook page it’s much more strong in wintertime than the corrugated plastic we’re used to. Available in 26 and 700, the wheel covers come in just white for now (which is cool, cause my wife does my wheel cover painting for me. awww yeah – artists at work).

MILK Ninja Mallet Head

I really know very little about this head, other than it’s supposed to be ultra light and they made this cute little infographic about it:

I’m hoping to get my hands on one for review, but we’ll see how that goes (Geneva is far away from Lancaster, I hear). It’s black UHMW and sure to be a blast to use. Here’s an actual picture of it:

picture from MILK’s facebook page

At any rate, both of these products move us nicely along the path of optimized products. Hooray for everybody.