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Equipment Check: MILK Ninja Capped Mallet Review

Mallet head designs are pretty much all headed in the same direction.  You’re seeing +-5” long heads with a diameter around 2.25-2.5”, and a capped end.  Milk hasn’t done anything revolutionary with their new Ninja Cap Head.

What they have done is gone a long way towards perfecting what is already out there.  Measuring 4.9” with a 2.375” diameter, the head is exactly what I’m used to size wise.   However, the 80 gram weight is a good bit less than I’m used to.  The head is made out of UHMW Solid Rod and then CNC’d down to the desired shape similar to the other UHMW capped heads on the market.   The machining is precise, and super clean, both inside and out.  Both the capped end and open end feature a beefed up wall diameter and rounded corners.   This gives the head a really nice look.  The build is super clean all around.

Being that its UMHW, wear is what you’d expect from similar heads on the market.  Slow, even, and predictable.  Milk recommends that you avoid drilling extra holes in the mallet, and I see no need with its stock weight.   The wall thickness at the 3rd lines (between cap and shaft, shaft and open end) is thin, but the ends and middle section are more robust.   It also comes with pre-tapped pilot markers for rotating the head once you wear it down a bit on one side.   You could rotate this head to a total of 3 positions before you’ve used all the pilot markers. (8 if you abandon their mounting system, more on that later). Read more