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A message from MalletHeadz – Yes, I’m completely serious.


Hat tip to DC Bike Polo for posting this on FB last night

Let me just get you up to speed on this:

Mallet Headz makes mallets, ostensibly. I posted this about their product, and they responded with this comment. 321 Polo! did this review.

and now, friends, we have this UNEDITED post from their own website.

NOTE: if you just want to get to the part where I lampoon the hell out of this message, skip down this part.

A Word From Malletheadz
Malletheadz Bike Polo Mallets

What has Steve Raymond, Managing Partner of Malletheadz, been doing since the last review? Steve has been attending seminars in India, China and Switzerland in order to maintain his proficiency in materials engineering and design. While he was at the structural seminar in Switzerland, he brought along the Version 2 Mallet Head (v2) that was reviewed previously by the writer.
A panel of engineers brought up pictures of v2 on screen at the meeting and enlarged the pictures on the big screen so everyone could see the v2 mallet head.
Several engineers at the seminar started to say “foul, foul!” I had no clue what they were talking about as it was in another language. I was told that they were ‘referring’ to the construction of the shaft that was ‘violated’ so as to make it appear as there was a problem with the end of the shaft. The end of the shaft could not come loose as it was ‘pinned’ in three locations around the radius of the end of the shaft. The writer claimed that the end of the shaft came apart while playing with it.
The next seminar was held in India and some of the engineers heard this story. Steve was requested to bring in the v2. So, the next day he brought the head and the shaft for them to examine. The engineers agreed that the end of the shaft could not come apart not without someone forcibly causing it to come loose.
I was asked by the panel why the shaft had a curve in it and explained that the writer of the article claimed that he was able to bend the ¾” shaft of T6-6061 aircraft grade aluminum with his bare hands”. The panelists said that it was not possible; the writer must have put the shaft in a vise, or used a pipe bender on the shaft to embarrass our group. I did not want to dwell on the subject any longer and had heard enough.
Prior to attending these seminars, a new mallet head design was produced by our group. We took into account the critiques of the writer of the article when the new version was designed. The engineers were of the opinion that it probably was superior to the v2 and that we should go with it. There is a patent pending. Read more