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Buying a Complete Mallet – Next Step?

St. Cago does it, Magic does it, MILK does it with their sexy mounting system,  and pretty soon (I suspect), everyone is going to do it.

They’re gonna do it real good.

Buying a complete mallet from a company first struck me as a waste of money and of the personal enjoyment of building your own whacking stick. After thinking about it, though, I have come to the completely subjective opinion that the built mallet for purchase is a logical step and more than likely one that will expand quite a bit in the coming years.

I’m trying to look at it through a historic lens of supply and demand.

Essentially, people create the things they need from whatever they have (demand), eventually smarter people realize they could turn a buck, and they begin making the specific material the first set of people want to purchase (supply), and then those people use that material to create the things they need.

Example: people build dwellings out of local timber, mud, and bear shit. Eventually a general store opens that sells hammers, nails, and bear shit at a modest fee for people to purchase. Home builders are still doing the work themselves, but they are getting a better quality home.

But then the consumers get lazy, and the suppliers get sharp. Suppliers begin offering not only the parts you need to create that house, but the entire house! Now you don’t even need to swing a hammer!

And so it goes with most everything in a consumer culture, and so it will go with mallet making.

Clearly I’d be a fool to think that the purchase of just mallets or just heads will go away (ok – I am a fool, but not because I think that). The way I see it, companies will either begin manufacturing their own mallets that can be cut to size by the polo player or they will make arrangements with other polo making companies to buy heads at bulk and offer them up as part of the deal. This happens a lot in Lacrosse, and I imagine in other sports too. A supply culture will begin to exist between polo making companies, and that will lead to a more unified force in creating bike polo equipment, which will make for better equipment. Capitalism at its finest.

So don’t be so incredulous when you see more companies like St. Cago or Magic offering pre-built mallets for our sport. It’s just the next step.

Magic’s upcoming green UHMW mallet head

Just saw this over on the LoBP (ALL HAIL) boards: A British bike polo cohort (wonderfully named Magic) is planning to release these nifty green UHMW mallet heads later today.

They use the metric system for measurements, but understanding that we poor Americans think of that as witch speak, they also included good old makes-no-sense- inches in their specs:

  • 4 6/8 inches long
  • 2 3/8 inches in diameter
  • single capped
  • 78 grams


No word on cost quite yet, but Magic’s previous mallet heads cost 6.00 Pounds (which, when converted to U.S. Dollars, comes out to about 12 yellow chevron checkboxes or 19 purring kittens, I think).

Anyway – something to check out if you’re across the pond and maybe even something to investigate if you’re just looking for that perfect Luck o’ the Irish themed mallet.

Worth a look and worth consideration – it’s great that we keep getting more companies and more variations of products to choose from.

Click here to visit Magic’s web page and check out those sexy looking shafts, too.