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I Can’t Quit You


I have not been playing much polo for the past 3 months. I made up a bunch of excuses as to why I was going to be taking a break. Excuses. Tell me the last time an excuse was the whole truth… Quite simply my life was getting out of balance, and setting polo aside for a season was one of the more easy steps toward restoring balance. I let life trump polo. You say life IS polo. I say it is not. Read more

5 Things I learned from Polo Last Night: Special Guest Edition

Last night, Lancaster City Bike Polo was happy to have two super special friendly happytime visitors from Lexington Bike Polo:

Yes, they were just that scary.

Anyway, when Andy and Jessie (Jessy? Jessica? Jess?) weren’t  looking philosophically into the lights or fist pumping, they were showing LCBP what’s what when it comes to polo – and being a damned pleasure to have around whilst they did it.

So I thought I’d add what these two Lextonians taught me along with my other (ALWAYS VALUABLE) observations. Read more

Frosty Feet Bike Polo Vid

An unedited game from this Sunday. Look out for gem comments from the camera man.



How the World Final Looked to Mike Ditka

The lovely folks over at Gotta Be Gritty have posted a series of visuals explaining how certain successful plays went down at the World Final Bike Polo championship extraordinaire. I highly recommend you stop by those posts and check out the goodness:

Polo on Paper: The Hangup

World Finals on Paper

Polo on Paper: Kris Kross

Polo on Paper: The 1-2


What do you Polodoobers think of those plays? Want me to sketch them all out and do the coach jog in between every game to explain what we did right?

More Polo Pictures than You can Shake a Mallet at.

Mountain Vs Urban: Bike Polo Builds Cage Match and Other Exciting Words.


Made with real lightning, you know.

Anyway, I recently had the good fortune of switching from the lovely Dirty Maggy May:









To this lovely little number I have yet to name:

Horse was trying to cop a feel, there.










I could go into an explanation of the wheel cover there, but why start now?

Anywhoo, having ridden both around now, I think I can come up with a fair list of the differences I’ve seen thus far.

I feel that I must, however, give the obligatory statement that comes with any claim make:

The bike doesn’t make the player – choose the bike that best suites your style of play and comfort. If you base a decision only on the opinions expressed in this post, you’re probably just crying out for help. Don’t worry buddy, we all like you just the way you are.

Read more

5 Things I Learned From Polo Last Night (Two Days Late Edition)

I’ve made alot of changes in my polo game the past few weeks, namely a new bike, clipping in, and now I try not to psych out other players by cutting my chest in the middle of the court before matches.

well, 2 out of three isn’t too shabby.

With those changes in mind, let’s get on with it.

1. 700c > 26: Yeah, I said it.

Seriously though, I know it comes down to preference and all that, but I find that I am much more agile, quick, and all around sporty spice when it comes to moving from a mountain bike to a 700c hipstercruiser. I’m not going to say it’s made me a better player, but I’ve certainly noticed a difference in turning radius and pickup. My body position has changed too, which helped me understand why leaning forward a bit more is a great thing for polo. Read more

How to Score (in Polo – I Can’t Help You Score Any Other Way).

Scoring in bike polo is probably one of the more frustrating elements to new players (and to more experienced players too, let’s be honest with each other). I thought I’d give some very basic tips for those who don’t want to look like a pisser.

Before I begin, I want to make something very clear: even the very best players in our humble sport miss a lot of shots – getting discouraged because you can’t hit the broadside of an Amish Terrarium shouldn’t factor into your attitude. Just keep swimming, Nemo.

So here is our willing subject, Horse.  He’s sitting in the goal as if three doods where pushing their way up to him like 3 of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (the 4th is talking to his mom about dinner arrangements).

We all are familiar with the big wheels and mallet. They do take a huge amount of the goal out of play. We can also see, however, a few openings:

  • Just behind the back wheel
  • The great big open space in the middlebits
  • Just before the front wheel Read more

Yesterday’s Picture Round-Up

Enjoy yesterday’s bike polo shennanigans, TODAY!

Bike Polo Facemask: Evolution of the Game, or Some Sissy Cop-out?

In early bike polo, you were protected by Dandyism.

I just learned about making attention grabbing headlines at work this week.

Lancaster City Bike Polo (and its total slacker, we-didn’t-even-have-electricity-before-Irene sister club First Capital Bike Polo) is a helmet heavy group. Thank God. When I started playing we were not, but after a few really horrible crashes we saw the starry, blurry light and got our lids on.

All and all, I’d say we’re the better for it.

But none of us – not a single one – has facemasks on those noble helms. Read more