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Bike Polo Equipment Check: EighthInch Julian Wheelset

When it comes to the good things in life, more is better. If you are reading this blog you are likely a connoisseur of the finer things in life, such as hats with flappy ears, ironic music, and bicycle polo.

Has everyone without the above appreciations left the blog?


Whilst one could argue ad nauseum about what is the most critical part of a purpose-built polo bike may be, I am going to posit that the wheelset trumps all other pieces and parts. Why? Because I just spent 100 quid on an amazing set of wheels and you should too, but you can’t because the sale is over so now you have to pay $159, which is still an amazing deal as you will soon realize after I bestow upon you my unsolicited praise for the Eighth-Inch Julian 48 wheelset.

My review of the Julians will provide you entirely too much information about me, as well as information about why this should be your next set of polo wheels.

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