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Meet the (Polo) Press: Virginia Castellan, GOALHOLE


In my ongoing effort to capture every member of the Association of Bike Polo Journalists (like pokemon, I’ll add), I’d like to share this interview I recently did with my Aussie associate Virginia Castellan. From the moment GOALHOLE started, I knew it would be a website on par if not above my own efforts–and I comforted myself with the idea that GOALHOLE would focus only on the Australasian area of the planet. The website, however, quickly grew to cover polo all over the world, and I accepted that GOALHOLE would eclipse lancasterpolo in a matter of months.

But far from being upset about it, I enjoyed/enjoy the blog as much as everyone else! Here’s my interview with Virginia:

Tell me the origin story of your blog/how you got started writing about bike polo.

GOALHOLE started in March 2012. Ollie Wykeham and I thought that Australia and New Zealand needed a polo blog that was relevant to our region, up to date and fun. We were sick of other nameless Australian blogs just reposting stuff from overseas as though our own scenes counted for nothing. We wanted local content and most of all, original content. Bennett Rust got sick of us bitching about it so he made us GOALHOLE. Later Jamie Barber joined us.  Eventually we realised we had a bigger story to tell and opened GOALHOLE up for worldwide content. The boys don’t really do much any more but that’s another story :)

Why do you keep doing it?

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Interview with Virginia Castellan of GOALHOLE and Sydney Bike Polo

I recently tricked  asked Virginia Castellan into doing an interview for this site and she was kind enough to fall for it  agree. I love what She and the Australian crew is doing with GOALHOLE and didn’t want to miss an opportunity to learn more about polo on the continent and how I can summarily steal all the publishing ideas of a site that’s better than my own  she does such a great job with the website.

 Tell me about your polo setup (your equipment, your bike, etc.)

After playing for a few years on a frame I found on the street, I decided to upgrade about 8 months ago and get a Hija de la Coneja.  This has been my best polo purchase ever. It’s a freewheel with 26 inch wheels, v-brakes and a Paul duplex lever.  It has the tiniest turning circle.  I love it!  I wear a Bern helmet, 661 knee pads and shoes, a Franklin glove on my shooting hand and a Fox glove on my brake hand. My current mallets are MKE shafts with the red MKE heads. They need to be re-headed or replaced very soon.  I am really slack at mallet maintenance.

How long have you been playing? Has it always been with the same club? 

I’ve been playing for 4 years.  I have always played in Sydney although I often think about moving to Brisbane.

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