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I’ve teamed up with Fixcraft yet again to provide a fun way to win free stuff AND show a bit of your creative side at the same time. It is with no small amount of pleasure that I present the


We’re looking for the classic style of horror movie poster: unbelievable monster, bad makeup, horrible titles. We’re looking for witty thinking and visual fun. Get creative, let your inner werewolf come out. BUT NOT IN THAT TWILIGHT SORT OF WAY I SWEAR TO YOU IF I GET A SIGNLE TWILIGHT POSTER IT’S OVER okay not really but don’t. Okay, maybe do. I think Handsome Rob would make for a good Edward but that’s just me.

The rules are simple:

1. Your poster should CLEARLY be in the genre of a scary movie (not a romance, not an action movie)
2. Polo has to play a predominant role in the poster
3.The cheesier the better
4. Post your poster on Instagram with the hashtags #Poloween #Fixcraft #Lancasterpolo #Bikepolo (if you don’t have Instagram, send it directly to me at mlkabik (at) gmail.com)
5. Winners will be chosen by popular vote, SO MAKE SURE YOU TELL YOUR WHOLE FAMILY TO VOTE FOR YA: starting on October 27th and closing on October 30th
6. Winners announced AT MIDNIGHT, OCTOBER 31ST MOWHWHWHWHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAHA (so you’ll probably find out when you wake up later that day)
HouseOfDracTC7. Only ONE entry per entrant
8. The picture can be a drawing, or a picture, or computer-rendered, or whatever. It doesn’t matter. Horror knows no limitations. Heck, if you make a short monster movie (following as many as the rules above) I’d be into that, too.


-Brand new Fixcraft mallet set up of your choice

-Fixcraft team shirt of you choice

-3 balls

-A pair of gloves


Remember, you pumpkins: You have Until Oct 26th to get your posters up and scaring, so don’t wait!

Announcing the “Living the Dream” Contest Winner(s)


Let me tell you: this was my favorite Fixcraft/Lancasterpolo contest to date. You guys came out STRONG to enter this contest, and I really loved each and every entry we got. They were clever, funny, heartfelt and goofy. They covered the gamut of artfully done to cheaply made–and that’s exactly what I was hoping for.

Both Sean and I were blown away by how wonderful the results were, and we were overjoyed that you took to it so well. This is the very reason we like running contests, and you’re making sure that each one we run is bigger and better than the last.

When it came down to it, Sean of Fixcraft and I of Lancasterpolo simply couldn’t choose a single winner. There were too many awesome entries. So Sean, in his wisdom, suggested that we award THREE WINNERS! 

1st place : choice of 48 or 36 hole prototype hub

2nd place: choice of any Fixcraft front hub

3rd place: purple tournament head before anyone else

So! Here are your winners of the 2014 “Living the Dream” contest:


3rd place (winning a purple tournament head before anyone else): Gojiii

3rd place Gojiii

2nd place (winning choice of any Fixcraft front hub): iced_by_j:

2nd place iced_by_j

AND THE 1ST PLACE WINNER (winning a choice of 36 or 48 hole prototype hub) is THEHAMMERYALL:

1st place thehammeryall


Congratulations to all three of our winners and to everyone who entered. Honestly–this was an awesome contest with some great entries. Sean and I thank every single one of you who entered. Keep livin’ the dream!



Win A Limited Edition Fixcraft Front Disc V3 Hub!


I’m happy to announce the “Living The Dream” contest, presented by Fixcraft and Lancasterpolo.com:


Winner receives a super limited pewter color, prototype Fixcraft Front Disc v3 hub.  What makes it a prototype and different from the newly released V2 model you ask?  The female axle on this bad boy is a special 7075 T6 design to take as much weight off the hub as possible while still being super strong.  There are only 12 of these in existence and the pewter color is reserved by Fixcraft for prototype models only.   It’s kind of a big deal basically, so get on it!

FIXCRAFT_Prototype-2After May 5th, Fixcraft and Lancasterpolo will review all of the submissions and choose the one that is the most outrageous, most hilarious, or most daring.

If you can somehow get a picture of yourself kitted out for bike polo while shaking the Pope’s hand while in a spaceship, I think you’ll automatically win. Just to give you an idea of what we’re looking for.

So jump on it, Polokins!


2014 Puppy Love Contest Winner!!!


I’m so happy to announce that out of all the wonderful puppy pictures we saw, this one was just the supercutest:

Winner4Congratulations, Jess & Spokes, on winning the 2014 Puppy Love Contest!

Well done to all entrants and I’m so happy all of you entered. Here’s to hoping all of us spend some quality time with our furry snuggle wuplekins or whatever you say when you’re talking to your pets.

The 2014 Puppy Love Contest




The rules are pretty straightforward:

1. Take a cute/weird picture of you polo dog/cat/pet doing what polo pets do.


2. Head on out to that Instagram that you kids love so much


3. Post the picture with the hashtags #Fixcraft #Bikepolo #Lancasterpolo


(Fixcraft and Lancaster Polo will review all of those lovely puppy love pictures and choose a winner the week of Valentine’s Day)

The winner will receive a Fixcraft Unibody Head with the winning picture sublimiated directly on the mallet head! 

Like this, but with a picture of your cute widdle pet on it. #FTW

Like this, but with a picture of your cute widdle pet on it. #FTW



One entry per person.

Contest open to the whole universe EXCEPT FOR YOU JUPITERITES

If you’re unable to use Instagram for any reason, please send your entry to me: mlkabik(at)gmail

We’ll announce our winner and share entries on Valentine’s day

Questions? post below or send an email my way.


Good luck!

Review: Fixcraft CORE Series Hubs

fixcraft back hub

Hubs are pretty basic pieces of equipment in the bicycle lineup. In this I mean they are generally just three components: a hub shell, bearings, and an axle. Sure, there are other elements, but that’s the core of what makes an axle work. When I was trying to gain support from some of the guys in my club to write this review (mostly to make sure that I didn’t sound like a complete buffoon), they all repeated the same thing: there’s really nothing that exciting about a hub.

But I’d beg to differ, and let me explain why:

When I first started playing this sport, I rolled around on whatever was available (I think a lot of us had that same kind of upbringing in bike polo). my first hubs were the ones that came with the ten dollar wheels I bought at a Velo Swap, and they worked. Not well, mind you, but if I turned the wheel on my front fork, it spun around for a few turns before slowing to a stop. That’s what I thought a wheel was supposed to do, and for a long time what I imagined hubs were supposed to do, too.

My first set of fresh-from-the-box hubs came from Fixcraft when Sean allowed me to purchase the HV1 prototype polo bike. It came with a set of the Fixcraft Core Series hubs (in particular, the 100mm 48 hole front disc and 135mm 48 hole rear disc). It was from that point that I realized how hubs/wheels were supposed to feel, and that has made quite a difference to me.

Build Read more

For Everyone Who Bought the Fixcraft Cleat:


Fixcraft is providing a page-long explanation, tip sheet, and background history on the Cleat and why you’re going to like it so much:

For those who got the complete mallet kit or the shaft plus connect, you will have the easiest time of anyone putting your mallets together.  It really is as simple as putting the shaft and cleat in place, and tightening it down. Anyone who has had mallet making parties, or screwed up a $15 shaft before will find a real zen quality to having a modular mallet building experience.  We recommend putting the shaft through the mallet head almost to the other side, then insert the cleat as your mallet is head side up.  Once the holes align, insert the bolt and hand tighten it.  Don’t use a drill gun or get all crazy.  As soon as it’s flush, you are done.

Read the whole thing here – feel like a superstar.

Things I’m excited about

There is, occasionally, a very #polowriterproblem when it comes to this blog – there is too much going on and only one of me to talk about it. So, to bring it all together, I’m writing a list of the things I’m excited about right now. Right now, baby.



1. Ladies Army this weekend: no, I couldn’t afford to go, but I’ll be following along on podium and watching live feed action (bikepolo.tv, for the win). That’s just as good, as I can legitimately get drunk in my writer’s aviary and feel like I’m there (in that I’m drunk and considering taking off my shirt).

fixcraft2. Fixcraft’s new line of stuff: the upcoming cleat, the lifeline braking systems/accessories, the new colorful shafts. Sweet God there are just so many things coming out of that place. I’m going to pokemon the hell out of it. I was a touch worried when they missed the “beginning of the season” release of items, but now they are back on their game and showing the world what they can do.

Northern Standard Hourglass (3)3. Shaped Heads: Northern Standard and Modifide are pushing bike polo equipment forward with their new head designs. I’m planning to write up a bit more on this in the future, but what excites me the most is that there is something different. Not better, necessarily, but any experiments in our sport are great–I’m glad they refuse to sit on their haunches.

Mr Do4. Mr. Do: OH MY GOD I JUST LOVE HIM. I’m happy that this site supported him, and I’m happy that you’re now going to go over to his page and donate money to him, to. You can do that right here and right now. 66 hours left. Hop to it.



Crusher Irish and Ted Lancaster United Bike Polo5. Team Scrimmage: I have a team, and we are Scrimmage, and we are going to Flour City (at the very least). It makes me feel good to have two other guys who love the sport as much as I do (and don’t take competition too seriously).

First Look: Fixcraft Cleat Mounting System

Fixcraft Cleat (7)

Over the past few months, Sean from Fixcraft has been teasing me with hints and ambiguous emails about a mounting system he’s been working on (well, actually he just told me he was working on a mounting system. It really wasn’t that ambiguous). Last week I received a package from the good folks at Fixcraft with this little doodler inside :

Fixcraft Cleat (1)

So let’s just get right to it: if you know anything about me, you know that I am horrible at putting together mallets (just see a little bit of that here), so I was hesitant to build this one up without help. But, wanting to satisfy my own curiosity, I took to the challenge. It went like this:

  1. remove from packaging
  2. put cleat on cut-to-fit-cleat pole mount
  3. Put on pre-cut head.
  4. put in screw
  5. Tighten screw

Fixcraft Cleat (5)I want to say it took about 4 minutes, with 2 minutes of that time being me trying to not have the cleat fall off the pole when I was pushing the mallet head on (yes, I could have flipped it over and used gravity instead of fighting against it, shut up).

Once I tightened the aluminum screw down the head was solid and didn’t show a bit of movement. I spent the rest of the day carrying it around with me like a child with a new toy, swinging it absent-mindedly at the air and things that I thought would do better if flying through the air.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long to use it. Sunday I traveled down to Richmond to play pickup with a handful of clubs. During the entire day I didn’t find a need to tighten the head even once, and after 5 hours of continuous play the most I can say against the cleat is that the aluminum screw wore some of it’s paint off on one side.

Fixcraft Cleat (6)Clearly one day of play isn’t enough to give this the stamp of approval or disapproval, but I can say this: out of all the other mounting systems I’ve used – wood screw included-this one was the easiest to set up, and certainly one that I had to worry about the least.

Fixcraft has noted that the cleat will be available within the next couple of weeks, and unless they are charging 25 bucks for this little hum-dinger, I’d say you should take note when they are up for sale.


Fixcraft’s “New” Store tomorrow, and a revealing pic


Yes, I know what I said earlier today. I’m a liar and you all should know that by now.

I just had this pop up in my feed from Fixcraft and I gotta say I’m pretty amped:



Now, to be fair, the “cleat” you see in that picture isn’t going to be up for sale for a few weeks, but it doesn’t take away from yet another entry in the search for the greatest mounting system ever in history. This one appears to be shaped to fit on the inside of the head, with a grippy underside, and a piece that corresponds to a prefab groove in the shaft.

Fixcraft has indicated that new heads and new shafts will be available, however, as soon as tomorrow. So keep an ear to the ground.


Ok – signing off again. Srsly.