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The Fixcraft HV1 Polo Bike: First day of play

Well, it’s finally happened: the Fixcraft Prototype build has been built and I played a pickup Sunday with it.

Now, I can’t really go into very many specifics as this is a prototype bike (so anything I said about it, positive or negative, might not hold true for the final production run of the bike itself), but I can and will say this: game changer.

Game. Effing. Changer.

I wanted to play for the rest of the day.

I wanted to leave my car at the court and bike all the way home.

I wanted to sleep next to it.

I lowered my gearing by about 2 1/2 teeth (ratio wise), my position on the bike is more aggressive, and the frame itself is tight and responsive. It makes my 925 feel like an 18 wheeler in comparison, and I love(d) that bike when it was my rig. I also switched back to 26 inch wheels because it fits my play style a bit better, and it’s nice to have those big fat RibMos on there.

I’ve got to relearn my goal tending, sure, but I kinda don’t want to stay in goal anymore. I can keep up with other players and make the quick-turn moves that have been too fast for me before. The Fixcraft hubs felt like poetry – I’m actually crying right now – somebody needs to hold me.

All I’m saying is this: if the version pushed into production is even 1/4 as classy as this bike is, the polo world is in for quite a contender in the polo-specific bike market. It’s the kinda polo bike that you want to get set up exactly the way you want because you know you’re not going to switch to another bike anytime soon.

Tomorrow I’ll have Horse’s closeup pictures of the bikes (mine and Lumberjack’s) for everyone to save as backgrounds. Today you’ll just have to be satisfied with the three here and your own daydreaming.


Interview with Fixcraft’s Sean Ingram: Hell Yes!

I’m pretty excited any time I get someone who’s willing to do an interview for this site, but I kinda have a guy crush on Sean and have been nervous to ask him for an interview. But lo and behold, it took one email and the dude was all about it. The interview covers his involvement with the sport, how Fixcraft became the name (my words, not his) in bike polo, and where he plans to go from here.


Give me a little bit about your backstory and bio (when did you start playing, when did you start making equipment?)

I discovered Hardcourt about 4 years ago really because they were doing it down the street from the house I lived at at the time.  My family was going through this kinda weird thing where we were pushed out of a church and they were playing on Sundays.
So I started showing up since I was looking for something to do with guys my age.  I called it bike church.  I was instantly hooked and started showing up 2 or 3 times a week.  This is cool if you are single, but I’m a family man with 4 kids so I was kinda blowing it by taking it too far.
I did the whole rigmarole you read about, search thrift stores, flea markets, etc for ski poles to make my shit.  Spent hundreds at 1/8″ to get my scrambler all set up.  I could only find 1 pair of used poles, it’s Kansas so they just aren’t available here. My day job is production at a merchandise company and I had a connection to get some poles done so I just kinda went for it since it wasn’t a bunch of money.  We got in like 200 black poles and I made some stickers or whatever.  Came up with the name “Fixcraft” by smashing the idea of fixing your stuff and the DIY ethic of “craft” into one word. I didn’t take it too serious.  We were really surprised how fast the poles were selling and I just kept putting the money back into it.
So the Fixcraft thing really happened shortly after I started playing because we wanted poles to play with at a cheap price.  Keep in mind, it was only 2 years ago that most of the polo world couldn’t believe that MKE came out with a clean shaft for people to play, wasn’t DIY enough.  I think even wired.com did an article about it too.  I bought one of those shafts and it’s a good product but I thought that $15.00 was too rich too at the time. So we just did a small run to sell a few and get our own shafts for cost.  Was a good plan, we used to do the same thing with Dischord vinyl in the early 90’s, pool all our money together, get them for wholesale. In retrospect, $15
is not expensive for a quality shaft, I don’t know what I was thinking, MKE was totally on point.

What drove you to start Fixcraft? Did you see on opportunity or was it just that you were tired of not having the equipment you wanted? Read more

New Stuff Roundup

The past week has seen two big releases that I’m pretty excited/interested/curious/other synonyms about: The HDPE wheelcover from Fixcraft and the Ninja mallet head from MILK.

HDPE Wheelcover

image from www.fixcraft.net

This little beauty uses HDPE and thins it out for wheel covers. I haven’t had the chance to use this material yet, but according to the Fixcraft website and facebook page it’s much more strong in wintertime than the corrugated plastic we’re used to. Available in 26 and 700, the wheel covers come in just white for now (which is cool, cause my wife does my wheel cover painting for me. awww yeah – artists at work).

MILK Ninja Mallet Head

I really know very little about this head, other than it’s supposed to be ultra light and they made this cute little infographic about it:

I’m hoping to get my hands on one for review, but we’ll see how that goes (Geneva is far away from Lancaster, I hear). It’s black UHMW and sure to be a blast to use. Here’s an actual picture of it:

picture from MILK’s facebook page

At any rate, both of these products move us nicely along the path of optimized products. Hooray for everybody.