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Equipment Check: DZR Mamba


I really hate spending money.   My last polo shoes, a pair of 3 year old Mavic Alpines, were on sale on Nashbar when I bought them.   I think I paid $35.   It took a broken shank and not being able to clip in on the left side for a few weeks before I could talk myself into new polo shoes.   I knew that I wanted something ‘normal’ looking, somewhat walk able, but really rigid.   I’m a big guy who likes to hop a lot, so soft, flexy cycling shoes mean I’m gonna have sore feet for a while.

I decided on the DZR Mambas.   There are a few reviews out there for these shoes and people seemed to be happy with them.   A hundred some bucks later my shoes arrived.


I won’t lie – I went into this order having a mixed feeling about DZR.   I had a pair of the DZR/Mission Workshop Randals when they were first released, and to be completely frank, I hated them.   They were loose fitting, with a really soft shank.   You could feel the pedal all day, and after about a half hour of riding they were uncomfortable.   Basically they felt like Vans Classics with a clipless pedal underneath.    I ended up selling them on eBay shortly after I got them and was very happy to see them go.

Brian at DZR (of Beaverboy fame) swore up and down that the new shoes were a huge improvement over models from the past.  He wears them, and so do a lot of other bigger names in our sport.   I took this with a grain of salt.   I used to get bmx parts on the ultra cheap, and swore they were the best, but every time I broke one, I’d just ask for a new one…so they were the best.   When you’re paying for something, you tend to be a bit more critical (by now, hopefully you can tell I wasn’t expecting a whole lot). Read more