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Horse is an Eastside Rep!


So happy to say that, after a THRILLING and HEATED battle of entrants, our own Horse J. Krofcheck has been elected as an Eastside rep for the NAH. I asked him a few questions about his new position:




So, You’re an Eastside rep now – what are your duties? 

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The east side rep position is three pronged.   Pierre, Sprinks, and myself will split up positions of NAH Board, Outreach, and Tournaments.   All of these positions aim to make sure the East Side Regions needs, wants, and opinions are heard by the committee.  We’ll help develop the tourney schedule, as well as non-NAH tourney development, help new clubs get started, work on sponsorship outreach, and keep the East Side clubs happy and smiling.
How did you come to the decision to become a rep?
The decision to become a rep was based on need.   All three of our current reps had decided to step down after doing a fantastic job, and an important job.   The positions needed filled, and I’m happy to be on board and able to help.   Pierre and Sprinks are both awesome guys and I’m happy to be working with them.
What do you hope to accomplish? 

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The list of hopeful accomplishments is long.   I need to get my feet wet before I can figure out whats realistic and whats not.   I’m going to be a strong supporter of any kind of Reffing structure that comes up.  We need to start somewhere on that, because what we have isn’t cutting it.   I’d also like to see how we can make hosting a tournament less of a burden on the host city/club.  I’m not sure what angle we can take on that, but its worth discussing.   Otherwise, I’m just open to hearing what people want and seeing what we can do to make it happen.
What will be your first tyrannical rule? 

Nothing.  Just trying my damnest to make sure polo stays as awesome as it is.

(Editor’s note: ^I line him up for some humor and he comes back with boy scout earnestness. What a jerk)



THANK YOU to our new reps – you’re helping our sport move forward and I wish you the best of luck during your appointment. Expect an email from me, Pierre and Sprinks. I wanna getta know ‘cha.