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EighthInch Two Piece Shaft

image from EighthInch

Editor’s note: as it turns out, Google did indeed trick me into thinking these were brand new. According to my sources (you know, comments on Facebook), this has been out a while and isn’t really used. So just enjoy this for what it is: me being way behind the curve. horray!

I just had a Google Alert pop into my inbox with the header Two Piece Shaft. So, like any good reporter looking for the scoop, I followed the link out to see that indeed, EighthInch is now (editor’s note, here: this may have existed for a long time. Google isn’t always right with what is “new”) offering a two piece shaft to help you carry around your mallet without it sticking out of your bag like a war axe.

The natural concerns are, I think, whether it’d stay screwed together and how well that point would take a hit (or, more appropriately, how well the spots just before and just after the screw would take a hit). All the same, it’s an interesting concept and one that I know I’ve seen around here and there. Point in fact, MalletHeadz has been offering this very solution for quite some time. No, really. The have.

A write up of the description is below, full of the traditional bullet points we’ve come to expect from bike polo equipment manufacturers:

EighthInch desc

Does anyone have any experience with this shaft yet? I’m curious as to how it holds up/the weight brought on by that attachment system.

The price is about 25 dollars before shipping, so it’s rather expensive for a shaft–but then again, if the thing can be twisted apart and easily stowed, maybe that price is worth it for a travelling polo player?

Probably not for Robocop, though, as his mallets are already 1/2 the length of most mallets around.

Take a peek right here: http://www.eighthinch.com/55358-eighthinch-bicycle-bike-polo-2-piece-shaft.aspx

Darby Got a New Rig: EighthInch Butcher

Butcher Bike Polo (7)

Darby just got ahold of his brand new EighthInch Butcher, and got a chance to play on it yesterday at pickup. Obviously he can’t say anything about it yet other than “Yeah, this is an improvement,” but in the future we’ll have a review by Darbinator of the Butcher for you. Until then, enjoy a few pictures of the Rootbeer  flavored Butcher.

Eighth Inch Bicycle Polo Mallet Head Review

Eight Inch Mallet Head

Eight Inch Mallet Head pictured before and after the drill.



I don’t know why everyone likes to talk shit on the Eighth Inch Bicycle Polo Mallet Head. I rather like it.

Let’s start with the facts:

1. It’s heavy. 160 grams capped (Fixcraft Ultralites are 113 grams).
2. It’s nylon like your toothbrush (not UHMW, HDPE, ABS or HPV).
3. It sells for $14.50 (50 cents cheaper than St. Cago and a paycheck less than Fixcraft).
4. It comes with mounting hardware (no more scratching your head at Home Depot).
5. The sides are curved to cup the ball (a potential legal concern for tournament play).

Let’s consider what the haters have to say:

1. I don’t like anything Eighth Inch because their mail-order bikes get more compliments than my custom build and I am awesome and original (I wish I was better at polo).
2. My girlfriend moved out after I cheated on her and now I hate Eighth Inch mallet heads (I wish I was better at polo).
3. I’ve never tried an Eighth Inch mallet head but all the better players say they’re dumb so I agree (I wish I was better at polo).

Let’s listen to the story of my Eighth Inch mallet head: Read more

Lifetime Replacement Plan on Mallet Heads?

Take a look at the write up for EIGHTHINCH mallet heads:

$5 replacement plan: New or old, our mallet heads are covered by a $5 replacement plan. Send your damaged or worn out EighthInch mallet head back to us along with $5 to cover outgoing shipping and we’ll send you a new mallet head for free. International customers can warranty their mallet heads through their local EighthInch dealer.

Is everyone reading that correctly? Buy a mallet head – about ten bucks for the older model- and when it wears out, send it back with 5 bucks. They’ll replace it.

Forever. What do we think of this? Personally, I think it’s not that great a deal – given the shipping cost and what not – but it’s pretty cool that a company is thinking long term about polo, yes?