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First Touch Review: DZR Marco


Editor’s Note: as you know, I generally like having a “first touch” review and then a “months later” review on most of the products I share here. Well, when I gave a pair of DZR Marcos (www.dzrshoes.com/marcoblk) to Horse for review, we were (and are) in the middle of a very snowy winter. Not wanting to break rank, however, Horse diligently performed a “first touch” review despite the inability to play polo. Enjoy! 

Marco Marco Marco!

The new offering from DZR, specifically for the arena of bike polo is the Marco.   This shoe aims to hit on some of the issues that polo players were running into with the previous go-to shoe, the Mamba.   I used the Mamba’s (and reviewed them HERE) for over a year with great success.  They were stiff enough for polo, comfortable, and not terribly chunky like some of the other ‘freeride’ skate shoe type offerings on the market.
Here’s a quick video to give you an idea of the specifics:

Marco from DZR on Vimeo.

First Impressions

Out of the box, (it’s a pretty box by the way) there were a few things that I was excited about.   For one, the laces now go through reinforced eyelets.   This is a huge upgrade from the cleverly hidden, but cloth straps of the Mambas.   After about six months, two of those straps had ripped.   There’s a good chance that was due to the fact that I rarely untie my shoes and prefer to muscle them on…. but regardless, they ripped, leaving me with a very strange and uneven lacing pattern on each shoe.   The new Marco’s laces also appear to be a bit more robust, ditching the straight flat cotton lace of the Mamba’s for a round cross section, blended lace. Read more

Equipment Check: DZR Mamba


I really hate spending money.   My last polo shoes, a pair of 3 year old Mavic Alpines, were on sale on Nashbar when I bought them.   I think I paid $35.   It took a broken shank and not being able to clip in on the left side for a few weeks before I could talk myself into new polo shoes.   I knew that I wanted something ‘normal’ looking, somewhat walk able, but really rigid.   I’m a big guy who likes to hop a lot, so soft, flexy cycling shoes mean I’m gonna have sore feet for a while.

I decided on the DZR Mambas.   There are a few reviews out there for these shoes and people seemed to be happy with them.   A hundred some bucks later my shoes arrived.


I won’t lie – I went into this order having a mixed feeling about DZR.   I had a pair of the DZR/Mission Workshop Randals when they were first released, and to be completely frank, I hated them.   They were loose fitting, with a really soft shank.   You could feel the pedal all day, and after about a half hour of riding they were uncomfortable.   Basically they felt like Vans Classics with a clipless pedal underneath.    I ended up selling them on eBay shortly after I got them and was very happy to see them go.

Brian at DZR (of Beaverboy fame) swore up and down that the new shoes were a huge improvement over models from the past.  He wears them, and so do a lot of other bigger names in our sport.   I took this with a grain of salt.   I used to get bmx parts on the ultra cheap, and swore they were the best, but every time I broke one, I’d just ask for a new one…so they were the best.   When you’re paying for something, you tend to be a bit more critical (by now, hopefully you can tell I wasn’t expecting a whole lot). Read more