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One Special Day: M4M


Me: thin, wearing a red top with orange pants.

You: dark flannel shirt, leather gloves, a black helmet that covered your (I’m assuming) perfect and always listening ears.

We met in a park where you were exercising with friends. I was scared you wouldn’t remember how to hold me but you must have thought about me as much as ¬†I thought about you. Every time I thought you were going to mix me up with someone else there, you came to me like I was the only one for you.

2014-03-16 16.56.55

But then people started going home and you went, too. I waited for you, but I guess you had other things on your mind (we all do, it’s okay). ¬†Another guy took me home but all I could think about was you.

I’ll be back to the park on Wednesday, Mr. Flannel. I hope you will be, too.

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