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BREAKING: Baristas, Bike Mechanics, Messengers DISAPPEARING


(Lancaster, PA)
All over the United States, there are disappearances occurring. Coffee shop patrons are going without having their names spelled incorrectly on biodegradable cups, bicycle commuters are finding their favorite bike shops closed, and executives attempting to send dirty pictures to other executives have lost a means of delivering those delightful hand drawn images of butts.

In a press meeting with concerned parents everywhere (finding that their 30 something aged children were not asking any longer for monetary assistance), FBI agent Nicholas Slavorski indicated that there would be no investigation held.

“Listen,” he said from the window of his 2 story home, “your kids disappear all the time. They’re probably going to some man burning festival in the desert or taking part in a co-op somewhere. Get off of my damn lawn I just got it landscaped.”

For some this explanation is enough, but not for handcrafted-jewelry-collector Jennifer Bannis, who wants answers as to why her order for a set of bracelets made from toothbrushes hasn’t been fulfilled.
“I paid good American money for that jewelry, and now the seller has disappeared! How am I going to show that I’m hip?”

From New York to L.A., young, bike savvy people are flying the coop and not leaving anything more than empty beer cans and strange, cryptic messages made up of song lyrics and upside down question marks.

::This story is developing::

One Day Till Worlds, One Day Till Destiny

So, as any of you longtime readers know, I’ve never been to a World Championship competition. This being my first (five years from the very first World Championship), I’m pretty amped to be attending. In particular, I’m pretty excited to be attending as a reporter for Urban Velo and my own humble site here.

I’ve been thinking about how to report the events in Florida to you, dear readers, in a way that is both unique and entertaining. I think I’ve come up with a good formula, so let’s see if you pick up what I’m putting down:

I’ll do live updating via the Facebook page. Expect to see interesting products, snapshot interviews, and other shenanigans there.

I’ll try to do a daily post after the day’s events, starting on my trip down and ending with my trip back up. Each of these posts will go live either late at night or early the next morning. I’m not super willing to say this idea is 100%, but I’d love to be able to do this, as I think it’ll add a little sum-sum to the reporting aspect.

On top of that, you can look for a feature length article at Urban Velo, which will be much more of a in-depth look at how Worlds has grown, the event itself, and the people involved. I’m very excited to see how that article goes, as it’ll be the first deep-dig reporting I’ve done on the sport, and that’s just thrilling the little writer’s heart I’ve got.

I’m particularly excited to meet bike polo players from all over the world, and hope to make some good connections with you cats as the event progresses. No doubt I’ll be trying to pull a dozen or so of you aside for five minute interviews. Don’t get frustrated with me, please–I’m probably overly excited to see you in person.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be the bearded, short, round fellow who is wearing a pith helmet and is smiling at nothing. Search me out!