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Jinxy does it right

I’ve always wanted a Jinxy wheel cover – they are the actual size of the wheel (I always make ovals), they are printed on rather than magic-markerered on, and damn – they are just a right of passage in the bike polo world.

And now I , (and a few others in the club) have our own Jinxy wheelcovers.


IMG_6698Wanna get your own? Go here: jinxywheelcovers@gmail.com


I should also note: Our own Lumberjack did the design and the modification to that design for these wheel covers, and that makes them just superswell, too.

DIY or BUY: Are We Losing Something With Commercialization of Bike Polo?

taken from UrbanVelo

Anyone who is actively involved in Bike Polo can tell you it has its roots deep in the ‘Do It Yourself’ movement. Perhaps this is because of the complete lack of commercial equipment found in any home grown sport, but the fact remained that if you wanted a mallet or wheel cover, you had to pretty much know how to do it or find someone local who did.

And I think that’s just swell.

Because of this need to rely on your own (or at the very least another polo player’s) know how, Polo became more than a past-time for players. It became a lifestyle shift. Speaking for myself, I almost never look at a gas station cigarette sign or a length of plastic pipe without wondering how well it would work for polo. Read more

Thoughts on Wheel Covers

All those classes at PCAD paid off!

Wheel covers – everybody associates them with polo and they are pretty much the dead giveaway (other than the ironic tee shirts and overly-waxed facial hair) that you’ve reached a polo specific event.

They can represent a specific tourney, a specific club or just a specific individual (hopefully the person who is making a fool of themselves pedaling around the court). And while there have been plenty of lovely blog posts on much more reputable sites about the subject, I thought we’d be lacking without one here, so you’ll just have to suffer through this little adventure.

Pack your bags, children – here we go! Read more