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This is Hardcourt: A Bunch of White Guys.


Let me start by immediately walking back on that title: I really, really appreciate the work Mr. Do does for our sport. Point in fact, I think he’s one of the most entertaining, important producers of bike polo content in the world. We’re lucky to have him and to have his dedication to our sport. 

But there was something a little funny about the recent (beautiful) video he helped make called This Is Hardcourt. While it was wonderfully rendered and made me excited to call myself a bike polo player, it seemed strangely–I don’t know–singular in its content.

By this I mean: if I didn’t know anything about bike polo and watched this video as part of a sponsorship package, I would think that only white males play the game [there are a few frames where women appear, but no narration to back up that this is a normal thing].

And, to be really frank with you, that’s a pretty accurate depiction of the sport (it’s mostly played by white males, I’m not blind for goodness sake). But it’s not the whole story, and certainly not what I’d want to show potential sponsors.

If you read the articles on this site, you know that I am pretty excited by the co-ed nature of the sport. And while I haven’t touched on it very much, I’m also jazzed by how inclusive the sport is to anyone who wants to join in (we don’t have a gay-bashing, alternative lifestyle hating culture in bike polo, is what I mean). We’re a pretty open, awesome group of people.

But, if I watched this video, I wouldn’t know that. I’d think it was a boys club. A white boy’s club–which is kinda behind the curve, don’t you think.

As soon as this video came out a few folks reached out to me to get my opinion and vent, and I’d like to share what they told me. The first was Lisa, who explained:

I was disappointed when I first saw it because clearly its purpose is as a promotional piece and it obviously didn’t illustrate that this is a coed sport, neither did the commentary. I have spoken with Ben Schultz about it and he’s seeking an edit, which is good to hear. Women are working just as hard on and off the court and I think that will really appeal to potential sponsors. Polo is one of the few truly coed sports out there and it should be celebrated.

Next, Anne emailed me with much the same sentiment, though explained a bit more: Read more

Monday Morning Mr. Do


Assassins Vs. Edisons: one of the few matches that the Assassins lost. This was the first time I got to see the Edisons in person and I pretty much accepted right there that I knew nothing about bike polo.


Wednesday Mr. Do: Assasins Vs Getting Wild


Two great teams, the chance of a come back, and all within a single game. It’s as tasty as it gets, friends.


Great Montage Video of FHBPC 2013

This video is equal parts relaxing and interesting: court construction from start to tourney – really kinda awesome:

Montage terrains FHBPC 2013 from MTP Bike Polo on Vimeo.

GREAT video about Indianapolis polo court progress

Masters Indianapolis 2013 (138) (Copy)

Irish just posted a video about the court construction over in Indianapolis. Well put together, the video highlights some of the successes and lessons that we can gain from a club that put their mind to something and succeeded. Namely, thinking of the community around where you play as a partner and equal (instead of someone to avoid or become embattled with).

Having played on these courts for the Masters, I can attest that they are pretty baller. Great surface, solid walls, and a very cool standing area in between the two courts for judges or the media/drunken hecklers. Great work, polokins.

Bike Polo Project Final from People For Urban Progress on Vimeo.

Resistencia Bike Polo – 4to Torneo Nacional De Hardcourt Bike Polo

A bike polo video of a tourney in South America – where I suspect we’ll be hearing lots more about bike polo in the coming years. Like, tons more.

Resistencia Bikepolo – 4to Torneo Nacional De Hardcourt Bike Polo from Cristian on Vimeo.

Q Of The Day: What The Hell Is Wrong With You?!


We all enjoy Mr. Do Videos. He clearly loves and understand the sport, making his videos the very best you’ll find on the web for watching the sport, watching highlight reels, or just getting pumped up for a tourney (as I find this video does pretty magnificently). Mr. Do has pretty much made his name synonymous with the filming and producing of bike polo on the web. We all owe him a debt of gratitude and a debt of respect.

And only 50 of you bastards actually went ahead and threw him a bone.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up today to find myself wearing a dress. NOW imagine my surprise after I found out that the time was up for donating money to Mr. Do video with only 50 contributors taking up the call. Fifteen dollars?! You couldn’t just hold off on going out a single night to ensure the very best bike polo videos to watch in the future?! Porque?!

turtleI get it-no, really. You work hard for your money, and it’s yours to spend how ever you want to. He’s going to make videos anyway, so it’s not like you’re going to hurt at all for not helping the man out. So just sit back and enjoy those overpriced coffees, scones, and chocolate-squares-from-fair-trade-New-Guinea you bought for you and your date. Just please turn a camera on them so we can all enjoy it. I’m sure it’s just as thrilling to watch as a Mr. Do video.





VIDEO: Losers Bracket Final Game, Eastside Thaw 2nd Day


I didn’t get the championship game because I was scared of light, so I instead filmed this final losers bracket game. I’m no Mr. Do, but I think it gets the job done.




Monday Movie Milano Bike Polo: The Good Fellas Tourney

The Good Fellas Tournament 7 from Andrea Farè on Vimeo.

Bike Polo in Ecuador

Don’t get frustrated about the filter/focus the film maker uses. I for one see every tournament like this after I find out who has the beer.

Bike Polo Sur Ec. from luis herrera on Vimeo.