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What’s Your Polo Style?


This is a contributed article by Christian Losciale, who I spoke to at Worlds about this topic (a bit) and others: 

Our sport is young. In fact, it’s too young to care only about winning.

Don’t get me wrong. I want to win. I do. Badly. Hell, I might give a testicle if it meant I’d be a WHBP Champ. But at this point in the sport’s fledgling state, it’s not the only thing I think about.

I imagine our sport being watched by crowds of non-players. Beyond that, I don’t dream too much. Still, perhaps it’s too romantic of me to think like this. When I do, a particular style of bike polo excites me, a style I’ve heard a few people describe as Tic-Tac. It incorporates a hard forecheck, an aggressive offense and a load of passing. Players that perform this style well misdirect opponents. Tic-Tac players make aggressive moves when opponents assume conservative moves, and Tic-Tackers make conservative moves when opponents anticipate aggressive ones.

But that’s not the only style out there. Here are a few others:

The three-cog machine

cogsEach player offers a different skillset. Usually, you get a quarterback who rotates deep in the defensive zone to protect the net. At the same time, the QB coaches his other two teammates. Meanwhile, an enforcer moves lightning fast to make room for the attacker. The enforcer is capable of scoring too, often with a hard shot rather than finessing in front of the net. An attacker poses an offensive threat. (S)he could be another hard ripper, or more of a move maker who creates one-on-ones at the net.

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