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Stickers for Everyone!

The sticker order came in fresh yesterday evening all the way from Reno Nevada courtesy of Sticker Guy . I promise they are not blurry like the bad photo would lead you to believe.

There will be plenty of sticktastic fun for everyone. and if you don’t get your collection of LU stickers the first go around, don’t worry. I’ll have plenty in stock.


I wasted no time in putting one on my wheelcover and cutting one out to put over my Redline headbadge. I hope you find a bunch of fun places to put yours as well.

Anywhoo, I’ll be making an appearance at Fairview on Wednesday to hand some out to the folks who are there, and leave a mess of them with someone to distribute whilst I’m away. Yes, that’s how much I care that you cats get these into your paws.



Pardon me, sir – but I see that you are also awesome.


Lancaster City Bike Polo Bumper Sticker