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Equipment Check: NoBS Rims by Velocity

Velocity NoBS Rims (17) (Copy)

Bike polo has been a sport of borrowing.

We borrow mallets from club mates when we start, we borrow face cages from hockey or baseball, we borrowed balls from street hockey and bikes from the track or mountain. We borrow and borrow and borrow.

Because of that, we often break the hell out of equipment because it’s simply not made to take the kind of violence that bike polo can dish out, and there’s no better example than the taco’d wheel.

Unlike other bike sport, bike polo makes wheels do all sorts of things that a wheel was not initially designed to take. It’s because of this that bike polo players generally roll through rims like butter on popcorn. But it looks like that tide may be changing.

The Velocity NoBS rim was made for polo–pure and simple. Inside and out, the rim was designed to take what you (and the opposing team) is dishing out. On paper it comes in 26 and 700c varieties, 32, 36 or 48 spoke count, and costs around $60.00 for the rim.


Here are some of the specifics from Velocity’s Website:

Rim Size: 700c

NoBS rimWidth: 25.4mm

Height: 18mm

Tire Interface: Clincher

Valve: Presta 32 – 40mm

Bead Seat Diameter (BSD): 622

Effective Rim Diameter (ERD): 606

Weight: 620g


Velocity NoBS Rims (13) (Copy)Rim Size: 26″

Width: 25.4mm

Height: 18mm

Tire Interface: Clincher

Valve: Presta 32 – 40mm

Bead Seat Diameter (BSD): 559

Effective Rim Diameter (ERD): 543

Weight: 560g


As you can see from the above graphic, the rims are designed to take lateral strikes and still keep true (you and I both know that any wheel will eventually fail under the right kinda stress, but the point is this rim was made to withstand more polo-appropriate punishment than other wheels). The internal reinforcement helps prevent denting and failure, leading you to spend less time trying to fix your wheels–and less money trying to replace them after every tourney.

Velocity NoBS Rims (9) (Copy)Velocity sent a two of the 26″, 48 spoke variety to Lancaster polo a few months ago. As soon as I took them out of the box (imagine a small child opening presents on Christmas and you’ll have the visual), I could feel and see the quality of the build. With other wheels I’ve felt as though they were the weakest point of the bike (and they kinda are, really), but the NoBS wheels struck me as remarkably solid and strong.

Laced to Fixcraft’s Core series front disc and rear fix-free hubs (Which you can read all about in this post), the wheels looked like something that belong on the court just as much as any other piece of polo equipment. They are burly and act the part of a polo player’s wheelset.

And I just want to mention one thing here: these aren’t deep V, and frankly if you still think that matters for your polo bike, you’re horribly mistaken. Deep V, in my opinion, just means you have more chances to dent your rims. These rims are exactly what is needed: tight, well-constructed and hearty as a honey badger’s don’t-care-o-meter.

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