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When the Godfather Talks, You Listen: Practicing Plays


Kyle–the Godfather of Lancaster City Bike Polo and gravity-denier, recently made the following statement about how we (Lancaster United) are playing during our pickup games:

Kyle suggestion

My first response, of course, was to think: How DARE you tell me that my same old bullshit isn’t valid, jerkhead. But I got past that initial emotion to think about what he was telling me.

Because, Paisan, when the Godfather talks, you listen.

Or at least you don’t shut him or her down right away like you would some other bum in your club.

It’s easy to get into the habit of making pickup just happy-funtime. Mostly because that’s exactly what it is (and to a point, should be). However, you’re not doing yourself a service nor anyone else in the club by treading water and running the same comfortable play.

Instead, consider working on plays. Kyle mentioned in the comment section that spawned from the question above that it’s hard to do that when you don’t have teams to commit to, but I disagree: I think it’s possible to run plays within the entire club (much like I did in Lacrosse) so that no-matter who you’re playing with, you’ll all have some fundamental knowledge of a series of plays to attempt.

I’m not talking about running clinicals (not because I don’t see the value in doing that, but because if your whole club isn’t into it, they will hate you for suggesting it)–what I’m talking about is running plays every so often during pickup so you become comfortable with being part of an orchestrated effort. This makes the two other players on your team part of your team and not just two other guys who might also try to shoot the ball.

I’ve been saying it a lot, I know, but it bears repeating: practice playing during pickup like you play during a tourney. Otherwise, you’re not gaining anything but sweat in your eyes and some cold beers, probably.