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Interview with Dus, West Coast Polo Ambassador


Dustin has been talking to me about his polo life for quite some time now–reaching out to me after becoming a fan of Lancasterpolo.com and soforth. Well, He asked how he could get on the site, and I (being lazy and somewhat resourceful) told him an interview would do the trick–so here it is!

So who are you, and when did you start playing polo?

I’m Dus!!!! Some people refer to me as “The Polo Ambassador”. I started playing polo in July 2008.

What’s your current setup (bike, equipment, etc.)?

My current rig is a Smurf Blue Velolucuma 26er Travel. I use an Arena Bike Polo Mallet, and CCM facecage hockey helmet & gloves.

What club(s) do you play for?

I play for San Diego Bike Polo! But I learned to play in Phoenix, and I still think of them as my extended polo fam.

I’ve never been on the West Coast for anything, Polo or otherwise. What do you think makes polo different on that side of the country? What do you think we (East Coast Kiddies) could learn from you, or you from us?

auspoloWell, I don’t have a ton of tourney time outside of the Southwest region, but here in the SW, people seem to focus more on winning than having fun; even in pickup. I’ve played pickup in other regions & in Australia, and the vibe is completely different. Refreshing, too!

I played pickup with the Rochester crew, then we all went out for garbage plates at 2 in the morning. At Sydney pickup, we grilled a bazillion sausages, drank too much at the court (drinking in public parks is apparently encouraged over there!), then went to a pub where we all sang Bohemian Rhapsody as loud as we could. I care more about memories like those than about winning. I love the players in my region; many of us have known each other for quite a while. But I wouldn’t be opposed to moving to a place where fun is priority one at polo.

What’s one thing you wish would change in the sport? Read more