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You Totally Messed Up: Don’t Panic.

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I’ll admit to you something that I’m not particularly ashamed to say: I like computer gaming. I mean, as a writer, it’s a great way to completely avoid writing while looking like I’m still busy on the computer. Furthermore, I was generally afraid of the sun in my youth.

I’ve moved pretty far away from the gaming life these days (what will all that polo and all), but I do remember a good lesson from it that I’ve been able to carry over into the rest of my life: don’t give up too early, cause it makes you annoying.

Here’s the thing: when I played certain games–mostly  war games, I’d say–there’d always be a few players who would give up as soon as 1 thing went wrong. They would lose a location point or some such, and then (in appropriate L33t sp3ak) indicate that there was no point to playing the game anymore, as everything was lost.

That drove me nuts. I mean, we’re playing a game for God’s sake: just have fun! But inevitably the players who were just too good to be bothered with playing left the game (and summarily left me and a few others to try to scrounge up a good match from the ashes).

And I get just as frustrated these days in bike polo, though I don’t get the opportunity as often to rage out like this fellow here: Read more

3 biggest mistakes I’ve made in bike polo

The end of the year is a time to reflect on what you’ve done right and what you want to do better in the future. It’s that or the end of the year represents the fulfillment of a prophecy set by people who are laughing in their graves right now, but for me it’s the first part.

And, like every other time that I reflect on my achievements of the year, I can only remember what I really messed up on.

Trying to jump over that moving car? Bad move.

Eating 50 eggs? No, don’t try that one again.

But what I want to focus on for this article is what I’ve done superdumb while playing bike polo. It’s tough to limit it down to just three, but I’m trying to keep it down.

The first of the three is perhaps the most lingering one: challenging a player by facing directly towards them as they head towards me. It totally eliminates me from the play as soon as I don’t get the ball or am unable to slow their progress. And it’s frustrating as hell, too, as I know as soon as they pedal past me that I’ve made a horrible mistake.

The next one? Strapping into my bike. Nothing against the folks that do use foot retention straps, of course, but it’s not for me. I enjoyed the increased power I got from my stubby little legs, but man-o-day it wasn’t too fun when I fell over. I imagine I looked like a mix of a frightened armadillo and a concerned Rabbi each time I took a spill.

My last biggest mistake was trying to play like other players. I don’t mean it’s a mistake to try to learn from other player’s styles, but it is a big mistake to attempt full mimicry of someone else’s game. I’m not a remarkably fast player nor am I a notably technical player. I am good at disrupting plays and (until recently), decent at goal. I tried for a few weeks to mimic the play of other people in our club and only came to the conclusion that I was sacrificing my own abilities for a mindset that I simply didn’t have. I’m now re-learning how to play offense and plan to do that relearning at my own speed and with my own Crusher-esque flair.

Yes, that flair may contain sparkles and latkes.