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ARC Mallet Head, Month Later Review

ARC Mallet Head (3)

A little while back I got an ARC mallet head by Modifide bike polo, and I was excited/interested by the unique hourglass shape. Modifide–along with fellow Canadian, Northern Standard–has developed and released the first not-just-a-tube shaped mallet head in bike polo (okay, produced by a polo company, sure sure).

When I first reviewed it (linked below) I was impressed with the power off of the shot and with how the hourglass design seemed to make the ball more predictable when receiving a pass. Now that I’ve had it for a month or so, I can speak more on playability and concerns.


My primary concern after playing with his mallet is the shape  it’s taking. In particular, the way that the outside, striking/scooping surfaces are doing. Take a look at this picture:

ARC Mallet Head (2)See that caving on the top right? That’s got me worried. I think that’s happening because  of the increased pressure on the outside points due to lack of contact with the middle. What I mean is: when I’m posting in goal/trying not to fall over, I’m putting pressure on my mallet. With a tube shape, all of my weight is being distributed across the mallet head (presumably). with this head, it’s all focused on the ends, which might be too much for the material–yes, go ahead and post all of your fat jokes in the comments area, I’m asking for that to happen.

So the scooping end is caving in, but the shooting side seems to be holding up better in terms of shape.

ARC Mallet Head (1)As far as wear on the rest of the head goes, it’s at about the level I’d expect. While I’d like to keep that sharp point on the shooting end, that simply isn’t in the nature of polo mallet heads, and there is certainly some deep rounding happening as you can see. The flat surface of the shooting end seems to be staying relatively flat, however.

That being said, I heard that Kyle (who got one of these as well) had something funny happen with his: the shooting side caved in – like a little cup. looking at the pictures of it, it may not seem that dramatic, but I don’t think having that sort of change to the shooting end is a benefit, necessarily. The picture of his cupping action can be seen below:

IMG_2222_resized IMG_2559_resized

So that’s where I produce my criticism: both sides are reacting to, I figure, increased pressure from the shape. This pressure is causing the ends to fail, and that’s causing the mallet head to lose it’s shape.

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Malletheadz Bike Polo Mallets

I just had this pop up in my inbox this morning – apparently there is a group called Malletheadz, and they make…bike polo mallet heads a la white pipe style:

The mallet heads cost fifteen bucks each (a bit high, don’t you think), and the people have been around since 2010:

Malletheadz was established in December 2010. Since our Generation I Mallets were introduced, our Engineering and Design Department designed and crafted our Generation II Mallets which have been proven to be stronger. ALL Malletheads feature a lifetime warranty.

photo from malletheadz

So what makes these mallet heads special?

Um…well…they are white. Aaaaannndd….they…uh…

lifetime warranty maybe?

They apparently have “Technicians”, “Engineers” and a “Research Department”. That’s unique.

According to the site, they are the sturdiest, best mallet heads available – one of the reasons I’ve never heard of them.

To be fair, I’d be happy to test one of these out and give a full review, but they do look suspiciously like the pipe you can get from USA plastics already. And I don’t know if I’m keen on anyone pre-drilling shaft holes on my mallet.