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A game suggestion: Heckle Olympics


…and maybe this already exists, but my brain started putting things together when I saw this comment from Mr. Lomax of Chicago:


Heckle Olympics: the side-game of bike polo tourneys

I’ve noticed at my limited experience with bike polo tourneys that there are times when  watching alone isn’t quite enjoyable or there is someone who is so good at heckling they steal the show from the actual game being played. Let’s honor and rewards the gift of gab with a sport that goes hand-in-hand with polo, shall we?

Yes, I know this is ridiculous. Just let me have this, okay? 

The rules:

  • Anyone can play, of course, who isn’t involved in the playing of a bike polo game (mostly – I’ll get around to that caveat)
  • The heckle can’t be overtly mean spirited, but should have some teeth
  • Points are awarded through player response and crowd response

olympicsHow to win points: 

  • 1 point is awarded each time a heckle results in at least one person besides the heckler laughing
  • 2 points are awarded each time the heckler is able to make a portion of the nearby crowd laugh
  • 3 points are awarded if a heckler is able to bring back an earlier heckle and make it funnier the 2nd time around
  • 5 points are awarded if the player that the heckler is heckling responds positively (smiles, laughs, etc.)
  • 10 points are awarded if the player that the heckler is heckling responds negatively (shakes head, stares at heckler with death eyes, throws mallet, curses, etc.)


  • If the player being heckled is able to heckle the heckler in such a way that is deemed better/funner than the heckler’s original taunt, that heckler looses all points in the current game
  • If the heckler, during the entire course of the polo match, is unable to even get a single point, they gain -5 points which follow them into each and every subsequent heckle olympics game on that given day
  • Furthermore, if the heckler re-uses the same heckle that another heckler used previously that day, they are ejected from the current heckle Olympics game and can only rejoin for points when the next polo match begins