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How To: Attaching a face cage to a “Sink-Fit” Bern Watts Helmet.


This is a contributed post by Ron Hayes. Thanks for the great info, Ron!

If you are like me, you may have worried about getting knocked in the grill by one of those over dramatic windmill slappers that we often see. There may be other times where you are less interested in finding out what a hockey ball tastes like. Thanks to Fixcraft providing a facemask that hooks up with the Bern Watts helmet, at an affordable price, I picked one of these bad boys up for far less than the “No Insurance” discount from the ER.

During Fixcraft’s Black Friday sale, I purchased the facemask without checking compatibility on my specific Watts helmet.  The result of my itchy trigger finger purchase was that the original hardware and installation video are set up to suit the “Hardhat” version of the Watts helmet. I have the “Sink-Fit” version. Perhaps you were excited about keeping your head the same shape it was in before you became addicted to polo and ordered a mask with out checking up?  Maybe you knew the helmets were a little different and pulled the trigger anyway? Good news for the “quick to order and ask questions later” and “hopeful” types, I am going to do my best to explain to you on how it can be done!

The difference in the Watts Hardhat and the Sink-Fit is not too distant in reference to the mask installation, aside from the Sink-Fit having an interchangeable liner for different weather conditions. I say interchangeable and not removable because you must have a liner installed for the helmet to fit correctly. This liner throws a wrench in the works of the old installation process. Odds are that if you have continued reading this far, you probably already know that.

In the original “Hard Hat” vid, you must remove the rivet that holds the neck straps to the helmet. When installing the “Sink-Fit” version you DO NOT remove the rivets and must drill slightly behind the rivet. The rivet on the “Sink-Fit” model doubles as a snap fastener to hold the interchangeable liner in place. Unless you are well experienced in snap fastener installation and have all the tools, I will suggest the method that I used.  I will further suggest that you watch the installation video that Fixcraft provides if you are not already experienced with installing the face mask.

You can watch the original vid here:


Overall installation can be done with only minor surgery and an additional cost of less than $3. I chose to use 3/8” 10mm (Wire) Clamps with ¼” holes and rubber insulation. These clips worked remarkably well. You can find these clamps at your local home improvement store in the electrical hardware section.

I will start with the original list of items needed, integrated with a list of new items at the end of the list. Following the list will be a step-by-step abridged version to complete the retrofitted helmet. Read more

Bike Polo Facemask: Evolution of the Game, or Some Sissy Cop-out?

In early bike polo, you were protected by Dandyism.

I just learned about making attention grabbing headlines at work this week.

Lancaster City Bike Polo (and its total slacker, we-didn’t-even-have-electricity-before-Irene sister club First Capital Bike Polo) is a helmet heavy group. Thank God. When I started playing we were not, but after a few really horrible crashes we saw the starry, blurry light and got our lids on.

All and all, I’d say we’re the better for it.

But none of us – not a single one – has facemasks on those noble helms. Read more