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Knowing When To Pursue The Ball: A Goalie’s Dilemma

stay or go

The joys of sitting in goal are many, including (but not limited to): watching how your team mates keep looking back at you and making head movements to suggest you pedal around, celebrating goals like you actually had something to do with it, and (in the case of Lancaster United), talking to whoever is pissing nearby.

Ah, it’s a simple life.

But every once in a while you actually need to participate in the game, and that’s when the question of when to say or when to go comes up. Let me give you an example:

You have an opponent bearing down on you with a fellow team mate pursuing. The opponent shoots and the ball goes careening off of your front wheel and towards the wall.

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Goalie Strategy: Protect The Carrier

The perma goalie is an often maligned character in bike polo. Sure, they can (if they are worth their PBR) stop a game from going 5-0 in the first three minutes, but they don’t lend anything to the offense and are probably daydreaming while they sit back there squinting at what’s happening up court.

After pickup on Sunday Horse and I went for our second burritos of the day and discussed our club, tournaments, and strategy. Generally speaking, our conversations go something like this:

Horse: Blah blah blah this is why you need to improve your bike blah blah

Crusher: Blah blah blah lofty but completely  BS suggestion on style of play blah blah blah

However, I was pleasantly surprised when Horse (as he often does) made a suggestion considering a few things I can improve in my goal work. Granted, he cited my high gearing as part of the problem before he made the observation, but that’s just so I could feel comfortable, I’m sure.

He laid out this little piece of goalie double duty on me and I instantly seized on how intellgent and simple a plan it was. While I could explain this in text, why not bust out the figurines that Alias gave me!

First, the setup: one of the defensive players (2) has managed to strip the ball from an attacker. They are beginning their movement behind the goal. The goalie (1) sees this and begins to move out of position. Read more

Would a Permanent Goalie Work in Bike Polo?

No – I don’t mean the guy who just hangs out back there and waits for the play to come to him, a la this fellow here:


I mean having a fourth player on the team – the goalie – enabling there to be three players in constant play on the court with one fellow dedicated to defense.

Ok – before you completely destroy this little hypothetical of mine, let me give you the parameters I see this working with:

1. The “goalie” must stay behind the half (their goal half of the court).

2. The “goalie” can pop out to make a play, as long as one player of the same team goes back to act as the “goalie” – much the same as position swapping in lacrosse and, I imagine, other fun sports.

3. The “goalie” is otherwise subject to all other rules that are currently in the rulebook o’ bike polo.

Reasons I think it’s a good idea: Read more

The Glories of Goal Tending.

Let me tell you a tale:

Kyle is one of our stronger players: he’s very good at setting up plays, making before-mentioned plays and frolicking between the other team’s players like some little German girl in a flower field.

Now – Kyle and I have a particular kind of relationship. to illustrate the point:

Oh do we ever get into shennanigans

After one particularly trying game, I asked Kyle why he wasn’t playing more offense. He replied “who the hell else would stay back?”

And he was right. Read more