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Polo Giffin.

Cute Otter - 2

I think we all miss the now defunct hardcourtpolo.tumblr.com. Let me give you some salve for a broken heart:

Pro Tip: if the gif doesn’t run automatically, click on the picture, and it’ll start up like magic.

Trying not to wake sleeping team mates

trying not to wake sleeping team mates






Your first tourney party

your first tourney after party








Challenging stronger players

challenging stronger players








Tourney team that plays together, stays together

tourney team plays and stays together








Milwaukee’s first response to Worlds announcement

MKE's first response to Worlds announcement








Someone else brings food to pickup

someone else has food






Matching team shirts

matching team shirts






New gearing

new gearing






Newbie chasing ball

new player chasingball










When a goal shot hits your leg

when a goal shot hits your legs






Mocking the ref

team mate catches you






Second Day (morning)

Second day





Newb posting in front of goal

newb posting








Testing the court surface

testing court







When a tourney includes lunch for everyone

When someone brings lunch for everyone









When two players have an argument that nobody else cares about

when two players on opposite teams have an argument nobody else cares about







Wrong gearing

wrong gearing







Brakes don’t work

brakes dont work







This has nothing to do with polo, just look at that guys face

dont have anything just look at his face omg