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GREAT video about Indianapolis polo court progress

Masters Indianapolis 2013 (138) (Copy)

Irish just posted a video about the court construction over in Indianapolis. Well put together, the video highlights some of the successes and lessons that we can gain from a club that put their mind to something and succeeded. Namely, thinking of the community around where you play as a partner and equal (instead of someone to avoid or become embattled with).

Having played on these courts for the Masters, I can attest that they are pretty baller. Great surface, solid walls, and a very cool standing area in between the two courts for judges or the media/drunken hecklers. Great work, polokins.

Bike Polo Project Final from People For Urban Progress on Vimeo.

Rinks V. Courts: Necessity and Want.

When I first started playing polo a whopping year and a few months ago, Lancaster United was still Lancaster City Bike Polo and we played in a caged tennis court. We now play on a roller hockey rink – and while it’s hard to remember, it took some time getting used to the difference between the two.

don't your garage security guards look like this?

Now I need to make the obvious point before getting into this post: Polo players generally don’t have much of a choice where they play. We’re a young sport, and being such we have to beg for or steal court space (until the inevitable Officer Friendly tells us that we can’t have fun in his parking garage anymore).

So let’s say you actually have to make the decision between playing at a tennis court or at a roller hockey rink. What are the overall benefits (and risks) of the choice you make?

The space you play in is sort of the forgotten piece of equipment – and the most important. I don’t think there are many bike polo players out there today who would think playing in a space that was, let’s say, half the size of a tennis court, would think that was legitimate polo. Fun? Sure. Good practice? Maybe – but it’s not going to give you the full experience of polo play.Getting a place that is a good size and readily available is probably the second most important piece of polo equipment (right after the bike).
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