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For Those Traveling To Florida: 10 Travel Tips


Bike polo travel is a tricky business, wrought with the possibility of paying for your bike to travel with you, people not understanding the smell that your skin giving off, or thinking that you’re a cast member of a new, hipster version of Mad Max.

But take heart, I’m here to help. With these tips, you’re sure to make it to Florida safe and sound:

1. Do not practice your mallet swing while in the airport

2. If someone asks you what’s in your over sized checked bag, don’t say “sports equipment” and then start giggling.

3. Always keep one extra pair of clothing in your carry-on, just in case your “sports equipment” bag gets lost.

4. Try not to drink until after you arrive at your destination (okay, maybe a few quick ones in  the airport).

5. If you’re travelling with a life partner, stop talking about bike polo. Just stop it right now and talk about anything else.

6. Charge all of your electronic devices. Make sure to get all of the cords tangled up so you have a reason to swear under your breath repeatedly during the flight.

7. Enjoy the cavity search.

8. If you find yourself running late for a flight, resist the urge to ride your bike to the gate. You will be tased, bro.

9. Act like you’re a famous sportstar. See if anyone asks for your autograph. You’ve already got the swagger, don’t you?

10. Practice your impression of Machine.

The 6 People I Plan to See at Worlds

We are now a mere day away from October, or as I like to call it, Worldstober. With the heralding of the greatest month put together by Augustus Caesar comes, likewise, the greatest bike polo tournament put together by the people who put together bike polo tournaments.

This will be my first time ever traveling to the championship, and I’m more than a smidge excited by the idea. Point in fact, I’ve been daydreaming about the sorts of people I may or may not meet while attending and reporting on the scene. Here are a few of my more favorite potential attendees/players:

Paul GiamattiThat Guy I Only Know From The LoBP Boards

I’ve conversed with him, challenged him, made jokes with him and ultimately feel as though I have a pretty good understanding of the kind of person this internet buddy is.

And then I’ll meet him, and I won’t believe he’s the same person at all. You’re that short?! YOU ARE MISSING AN EAR?! (note: I’m probably going to be this guy for a lot of you. Just accept my hobbit-ness.)

The Super-Pro who is really approachable/The Super-Pro who is really just as scary as I imagined:

beavsI’ve never met the beaver boys. Any of them, I don’t believe. But I’m horrified to talk to any of them. Chances are they are either going to live up to my nightmares of them ( “Lancaster Polo? What’s that? ::pushes me away while someone pulls down my pants::) or they are going to be alright guys who are willing to chat me up a little bit ( “Lancaster polo? I heard of you!” ::pushes me away with a smile while someone pulls down my pants while laughing::).  Either way, I think it’ll be interesting to see what players from the top teams in the US make of me running around and asking for a few moments of time.

I’m not worried about it. No, really. I’m sure it’ll be juuuuust fine. Read more


bike polo champ

After a few weeks of tough investigative reporting, I’m finally able to release that there will indeed be a halftime show for this year’s World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship, and it will be amazing. 

Here, with exclusive footage of the halftime performers practicing, lancaster polo is proud to finally reveal this secret.

Click here to view the video, and be prepared!

Lunch Time Video: Beaver Boys vs. Wizard Tactix Upset at World’s 2011

Beaver Tactix from Mr.Do on Vimeo.