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Great Bike Polo Blogs: My Yearly List


I’m no fool. I know you’ve been seeing other blogs behind my back. Don’t deny it–there’s no need. I’m not angry.

How could I be? In the past year there have been some amazing blogs that sprung up/were rejuvenated/kept doing the amazing stuff they always do, and I would be a useless fellow if I didn’t express my gratitude and love for these wonderful bike polo blogs here.

Something people forget (or just never get around to thinking) is that the more good blogs about bike polo that exist, the more likely the entire sport will find new players/new interest. The association of bike polo journalists (yes, I’m serious, damn it) is an important and often under-appreciated group which supports and amplifies bike polo. So this is me saying thank you, and sharing some of my favorites.

Arch Nemesis 321 POLO! 





321 POLO! is, I think, the closest we can get to an arch nemesis to Lancasterpolo.com. They have the same general style of writing, the same (bigger, really) readership, and THEY EVEN STOLE THE BASIC DESIGN OF MY LOGO OKAY I STOLE THE DESIGN FROM THEM NO TAKEYS BACKSEYS

But just because they are my nemesis doesn’t mean I don’t love them. The articles they have are informative and well researched, their product reviews are helpful and oftentimes (hello malletheadz) very entertaining, and they certainly have their horrible, crooked, evil fingers on the pulse of the sport. It’s a damn good site, and we’re lucky to have it.

The Thunder From Down Under: GOALHOLE




GOALHOLE , by comparison, is closer to Lancasterpolo.com’s sister. We have a lovely dovey relationship and at least 400 agreements to get drunk if ever both head editors meet up.

While certainly Australasian focused (and meant to be so), the website just seeps a love for our sport through the page. It’s clear that the people behind it are remarkably interested in their region of the world and the success of the game as much as any of us. They are also relatively new to the web-polo scene, and I fell in love with them right off the bat. Australian polo players are just great to be around, and likewise their website has that same magnetism.

Old-New Kids On The Block: BOSTON BIKE POLO




Boston Bike Polo‘s website existed and then kinda disappeared, but has just recently come back to us in stunning fashion. The past few articles they’ve posted were terrific and entertaining, and I’m expecting quite a bit from the folks behind it.

Point in fact, Charlotte (who was going to become a writer for me) decided to help out with her local club’s blog instead, and while I’m sorry to be losing her, I’m excited that a writer of her caliber will be involved in the effort. If the early signs are any indicator, this blog will become a great resource and work-avoidance device for bike polo players everywhere. Read more