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Say Hello To EARL – Trek’s Polo Bike


Ted brought this to my club’s attention just moments ago, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to share it will all of the polo universe: the Trek Earl.

According to the website, this bike is the “affordable, get around bike built for…well actually let me just show you:


I’m not sure if they just made a mistake with terms when they wrote “polo field” or if they actually meant grass polo – I suspect they intended hardcourt (don’t worry, I’ll follow up with them). Coming in at 529.99 USD complete, the bike ranges from 49cm to 61cm and features an integrated bottle opener.

Bottle opener, guys.

I particularly appreciated that they allowed a recently graduated arts major to do the write up for highlights:


Anyway, check it out here and tell me if any of you have seen one puddering around.


What do you look for in a good polo bike?

Full Disclosure: I’m writing this post while feeling sickly, so who knows if it’ll make sense or not. I mean – less sense than normal, I guess.

When I started out in bike polo, I did so on a 1968 Schwinn Typhoon, pictured below:


And while that served the dual purpose of crushing anything in its path and still making me look like a foppish dandy, it wasn’t terribly suited for the courts.

The Polo Elders, recognizing my plight after the first day, whisked me to the Fall Velo Swap where (as previously explained in this blog), I managed to get a nearly full polo rig for under 100 clams.

Or buckskins. Shekels. Whatever you want. Read more

Craigslist Find: IRO Fixed Gear

Came across this little ditty whilst scouring Craigslist for any updates on my missed connections (still waiting for you, redhead at the Turkey Hill eating a burrito and looking beautiful).

Here’s a IRO Fixed Gear, 49cm:

My thoughts are: heck, that might make a decent polo bike, huh?

Whoever is selling wants $200 for the complete build, but is also selling it in parts (which are all, conveniently, listed in the advert).

Here’s the link if you want to check it out.


Big Shot Polo Bikes: …eh…

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while, but I’m lazy and what not.

A while back (somewhere between the birth of Lumberjack and three months ago) I came across Big Shot Bikes, a lovely company which makes bikes-to-fit in all their hipster glory. (Does one capitalize hipster, or was the word around like, way before capitalization existed – ee cummings didn’t capitalize, after all). While I am not going to speak to the main sell of the site, as I’m sure the fixies are just the bees knees, I do want to talk about this little item:

Big Shot Bikes

Big Shot Bike’s Mini Polo bicycle, orange flavored.

Read more

No, it’s not centered


But it is awesome