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This is Why I’m NOT Passing to You

pass the ball

One of the penultimate butt-hurts of our sport is the missed opportunity for a pass. If you’re unfortunate enough to have the ball and shoot instead of pass to one of your team-mates, 9 times out of 10 at least one player will give you the you’re-a-selfish-jerk eye. This can eventually lead to you either perpetually feeling like a jerk (something that I and many others are generally okay with, it turns out), or always passing even when the situation isn’t the best for a dish.

So let me bring up a few reasons that your team-mates may not be passing to you:

For one thing, your position is horrible. You’re behind the net, for God’s sake! WHO IS GOING TO PASS TO YOU THERE?! That or you’re so far removed from the action that passing to you would essentially reset the play–and that’s only good if things are starting to go south. Read more

Fixcraft/NAH Develop Bike Polo Specific Ball – What That Means for You!

Photo from 321 POLO!

The good folks at 321 POLO! announced to the world that Fixcraft an NAH have developed, tested, and are soon to release the very first hardcourt bike polo ball (pictured). According to the blog post:

The Hot Ball – a collaboration between Fixcraft, one of several player-owned businesses making hardcourt equipment, and North American Hardcourt (NAH), a non-profit, player-run organizing body. Fixcraft initiated the collaboration and financially backed the development of the ball; NAH facilitated the distribution and research by getting prototypes into the hands of players and gathering feedback. The result is a ball that stays harder than any other ball in hot weather and more visible when the lights get low.  In addition, further emphasizing the mutually supportive nature of the collaboration, Fixcraft offered to donate a portion of the profits from the ball to help NAH become more stable financially.

On one hand, I look alot like this guy. On the other hand, he never played polo.

When I first saw this post in my news feed last night (yeah, I totally knew about it before this morning ::hair flip::), I was immediately conflicted. Seriously. On one hand, anything bike polo is wonderful. We’ll be keeping money within our own ranks and be supporting the development of the sport. On the other hand, I always get a little worried when something that was Mad Max about bike polo goes and becomes more…controlled, I guess.

On the other hand (that makes three hands), I also really didn’t care. Overall impact might be very small – something for tourneys but not necessarily for everyday play. So I decided the best way to frame my 3 handed weirdness was to come up with some arguments/opinions that may occur in our little sport: Read more