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You know you want the standard “best of” list, and who am I to keep such a thing from you, my loyal troop of polokin. As 2013 draws to a close, I want to take a look back at the top 3 articles from Lancasterpolo. Sure, this is a cheap way to come up with content, but it’s also interesting to see what tickled the fancy of you readers out there. You lovely, lovely readers.

So, in reverse order:

#3 Ladies, Stop Putting Yourself in Goal

ladies-of-polo-150x150This was perhaps the article with the most personal impact for me, as it lined me up with getting a new writer (Tigerlily, my Germany based Polo correspondent), opened up a dialogue between myself and Charlotte of Boston bike polo, and got a very strong amount of thanks from people all around. Not without criticism though, as a few people sent me personal emails saying that I wasn’t basing my conclusions on anything that could be proven, and a few more saying it wasn’t my place to speak for the women in the sport. Either way, it opened up the conversation a bit more, and for that I am proud.

#2 New Regions?

Hipstervania-150x146Let’s be honest with each other: I came up with this article and picture on the way to work. I created the image in very little time and expected it to go no-where. But, as is often the case with articles I write on the fly, I was wrong about whether it would be liked or not. It seems like my amazing art skillz were put to good use. point in fact, Lumberjack was willing to make up a more better gooder looking version of my graphic, which I hope to make into spoke cards or stickers for those who’d be interested/for giveaways at qualifiers next year.

#1 What Will Kill Bike Polo

skull-150x150The “What Will Kill Bike Polo” article got the most hits out of any article written this year, and probably the most shares/traffic as a result. It’s not altogether surprising, I think, as bringing up the death of our sport is a sure-fire way to tap into the Mashable formula of headline writing.

Also not surprisingly, people either strongly agreed with me or strongly did not. Most folks took issue with the idea that Bench format would be a savior of the sport, and I get the criticism. Either way, you folks seemed to love it, and that’s just swell.


And those are the top 3 of the year. Two dealing with serious topics, and one goofy one. I think that’s a pretty good mix to keep in mind for the upcoming year–HOWEVER: if you think there are some things I should be talking about more, feel free to let me know (or write them up yourself and send ‘em my way).

I thank you for a great year of readership and support, and hope you’ll join me again next year for more frivolity and inaccurate conclusions!