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Help Bike Polo Journalism Stay Alive!


I and my mortal enemy fellow polo blog writer, Aaron Hand, recently teamed up to figure out a way for the both of us to cover our operating costs while still giving the community we love something in return.

Taking hold of the Association of Bike Polo Journalists I came up with a little while ago (which is most strongly comprised of 321 POLO! and this site here), Aaron developed a great plan to make a great bike polo shirt that not only kept you looking…how do they say it…fly, I think…but also to help Aaron and I cover the not-small expense of running sites, writing articles, and keeping up to date with bike polo news.

Let me tell you, it’s not free, and it’s not quick. This work legitimately takes a large chunk of my life to do, and I’m sure that Aaron is in the exact same boat.

So we teamed up with One to One Print Shop and Paulette à Roulettes to put together this pretty fantastic tee shirt (and sweatshirt):


Caro gave us the cool picture on the back (Luca of Call Me Daddy and Marc of Steel Magazine), and Lancaster’s own Lumberjack made the ABPJ graphic on the front. With One to One doing the printing, this is shaping up to be a pretty outstanding way to show your support for your humble bike polo journalists while having another cool bike polo shirt to show off to your cool friends in the cool days of bike polo.

We’re offering the “Heavy Hitters in Hardcourt News” design as a t-shirts for only $20 +shipping and as a crewneck sweatshirt for $35 +shipping. You can find both designs right here.

Speaking for both Aaron and I, it’d mean a whole lot if you’d buy one of these shirts/crew neck sweatshirts. Not only will it be nice to recover at least some of the costs we put into running these blogs for you (yes, also for us, but we love you so), but it’d be so heartwarming to see you guys at tournaments wearing them. I might just cry like a little crying hobbit.


Meet the (Polo) Press: Virginia Castellan, GOALHOLE


In my ongoing effort to capture every member of the Association of Bike Polo Journalists (like pokemon, I’ll add), I’d like to share this interview I recently did with my Aussie associate Virginia Castellan. From the moment GOALHOLE started, I knew it would be a website on par if not above my own efforts–and I comforted myself with the idea that GOALHOLE would focus only on the Australasian area of the planet. The website, however, quickly grew to cover polo all over the world, and I accepted that GOALHOLE would eclipse lancasterpolo in a matter of months.

But far from being upset about it, I enjoyed/enjoy the blog as much as everyone else! Here’s my interview with Virginia:

Tell me the origin story of your blog/how you got started writing about bike polo.

GOALHOLE started in March 2012. Ollie Wykeham and I thought that Australia and New Zealand needed a polo blog that was relevant to our region, up to date and fun. We were sick of other nameless Australian blogs just reposting stuff from overseas as though our own scenes counted for nothing. We wanted local content and most of all, original content. Bennett Rust got sick of us bitching about it so he made us GOALHOLE. Later Jamie Barber joined us.  Eventually we realised we had a bigger story to tell and opened GOALHOLE up for worldwide content. The boys don’t really do much any more but that’s another story :)

Why do you keep doing it?

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