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Equipment Check: Arena Alchemy Head, Arena Creamy Shaft 2.0

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I have reviewed the line of Arena bike polo equipment in the past for you (listed below in case you somehow missed it – gosh), and I jumped at the opportunity to do it again in the case of two new offerings from Arena: the Alchemy head and the Model 1019 Creamy Shaft.

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First, let me talk about the shaft. The original Creamy shaft impressed me in two regards: it’s ability to take a wallop and stay straight, and it’s lightness despite of that ability. All I can say about the new Model 1019 is that it maintains those two qualities, but now has a fancy-as-hell logo on it, too. I take this as a sign that Chris has been successful in selling his products, and that he’s gaining a foothold. Good for him, truly.

I still have all three of my creamy shafts that I’ve ever owned, and none of them are anywhere close to retirement.  You can look at specs and where to buy here (though, to be fair, I don’t see this particular shaft available right now. Regardless, that’s where you’d find them).

Next, let’s move to the Alchemy Head.  Read more

just plain creaminess all up in this place!

An Open Apology to Arena Bike Polo

I’m sorry.

There. See how easy that is?

So a little while back Lancaster hosted the Keystone Classic Tourney, and we had a few great sponsors who threw us prizes and what not for the winners. Arena Bike Polo was one of these sponsors, and they were kind enough to give us 3 shafts and a banner to put up during the tourney.

To put it briefly, I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain. Their logo never got on the tourney material, I failed to get in contact with them about how the tourney went, and now discover that I may have failed to send back their banner in a timely manner.

This is superdumb, and I’m ashamed of what I’ve failed to do. Chris (of Arena bike polo) has been really understanding and patient with me, but all the same I wanted to make sure I put out a public apology. It’s below what he deserves for helping me with getting good stuff for prizes.

I’m sorry, Chris, for not following through as well as I should have. If we ever meet in person, you can slap me. Free of charge.


Today I got a care package from Arena Bike Polo containing some prizes for the Keystone Classic.

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know how highly I think of the mallet shafts that Arena bike Polo makes (and my growing appreciation of the mallet heads as well). I’m thrilled that they were willing to throw us some equipment to offer up to the teams at the tourney, and am very excited that I can get more people on the East Coast familiar with their stuff.